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Metrx Creatine

Ok I have to admit it I am a creatine virgin. I figured i would start with the most basic (powdered form) first and eventually test other forms (like effervescent and ribose or Ribose- C). I went to the local Nutrisport and got a very good deal today on Met-Rx Micronized creatine $6 cheaper than anything else of comparable size. I went in knowing that Prolabs (creapure) creatine is good as is EAS’s Phosphagen. My Q is, how good is Met-rX micronized creatine for quality (as far as impurity goes), Any comments from any T-mag readers and staffers will be appreciated.

I currently use Met-rx, ! am sure their quality is top notch. I find with the micronized creatine, I get a little better results and my stomach doesn’t get upset. I mix it post work out with whey protein and cytomax, I have found this to be the best post work out supplement.