Metrx BIG 100 Colossal

This should be good for a laugh.

They were passing these out a the Arnold in the product EXPO. Maybe I am getting too cynical for this event. You should have seen the look on some of the faces when I would pick up a product read the label, then simply put it back and walk away.

No bags this year either, I refused to carry anything. It didn’t help that the biggest spin they had was creatine with fruit juice, NO2, and tribulus products.

Anyway, the bar was 400 calories. 31 g Protein, 11 g Fat, 45g Carbs. I had to laugh at the protein content- yeah right. But get this, the first ingredient on the list was -you guessed it- Carmel topping.

The event wasn’t a total waste,… I did get a Powerlifting USA…

Do you mean to tell me that caramel topping is not the foundation for a good supp regiment and a better body?
I’ve been using caramel pre and post workout for 6 months and my frat curl has increased to 48 lbs!

Yeah, The nutrition bars keep getting worse and worse nutritionally.

I tried the Protein cookies at the Expo and they were awesome!

I must have eaten about 5 of them in samples alone over Friday And Saturday at the Arnold.