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T-men and vixens, we were warned about them a few weeks ago in TC’s Atomic Dog, but it looks like they’re picking up steam.


Here’s a quote from the article to help stoke your fire. “Metrosexual men ‘are very secure in their sexuality,’ says Brown. 'They’re comfortable getting a facial or a pedicure. It doesn’t make them feel any less masculine or any less heterosexual.”’

We’ve got to fight back.

Men, we obviously aren’t allowing our testoserone to flow freely enough. Women, you need to do your part by letting people know that this simply isn’t attractive(or at least I hope for your own sake that it isn’t).

If we fail to take action, the only differentiation between males and females in the next generations will be their genitals…their small, atrophied, useless genitals.

If I want to feel pretty, then that’s my perogative.

And hey, guys, what’s a blowjob among friends. Right?

Ever hear about that show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” or something like that?

Seems like women want a gay man. I saw it in school a lot, too. Girls liked the anorexic girly guys. What the hell…aren’t people supposed to be attracted to the opposite sex? What’s wrong with the world?!?

I dress well, smell good, have many pairs of shoes, prefer foreign films to hollywood blockbusters.

yeah, girls hate that.

a proud metrosexual

We can’t be pretty boys?

NeilG, I definitely agree. What I’ve noticed is that the type of girls that usually go for these guys are immature, unintelligent, and more times than not, uninteresting. The “intellectual” girls with low self-esteem also seem to do this as well.

Personally, I don’t think that we’re really losing out right now, but the scales are definitely tipping in the other direction.

It’s no skin off my ass.

Let them hog the peck deck and the bicep curl machine, leaves me more room in the rack! :stuck_out_tongue:

Rumbach and Pooh: You guys know we chicks love a man that looks good, smells good, knows something about how to dress himself, is intelligent enough to converse on many subjects and knows his own mind. We just can’t stand pussies. It’s possible to be all of the above and not be a pussy but it’s hard to put into words what the real difference is. Two men can look/dress/talk/act almost 99% alike yet one just has the vibe of being effeminate/weak/pussy and the other just has the vibe of being masculine. Very hard to describe in words… But yes, we do like pretty boys too. At least, I like pooh’s version of a pretty boy. Got any more pics, hon?

Karma - I wholeheartedly agree.

You see, the fact that I do the things I do and don’t give two shits what the “masculine” expectations are, makes me think that I’m not a pussy. In fact, I know I’m not a pussy.

Some “metrosexuals” are pussies. So are some sloppy redneck drunks, some gym rats, some frat boys. Has nothing to do with behaviour, has to do with character.

The problem is, people jump to these ridiculous conclusions based on past stereotypes of gay men/women - gay men are effeminate, weak, etc. Some are, many are actually quite the man’s man (pun intended).

Anyhow, fuck it. I have to go to aveda.


Does one have to be pretty to be a pretty boy?

I’m having a hard time with the prereqs here.

I’ll probably just go have a beer and scratch my ass.

Very well said Karma, and Rumbach, I do agree with you for the most part. It’s one thing to dress well, be cultured, and have an appreciation for the arts, but it’s an entirely different situation when these men seem to lose their male characteristics altogether.

I myself could even be considered a “pretty boy” to some extent, but my clothes and hair(still cut in a barber shop, not a salon) is all that it stretches to. I would much rather leave effemininity to whom it belongs…women.

What is one dresses nice and keeps himself well groomed(shaves arms,legs and chest) but works a strenous(labor) job. Is he considered a pretty boy? Is there something wrong with wanting to look nice? Just a few questions.

I have metrosexual tendencies, but I don’t really give a fuck how that makes anyone feel.

I agree pretty much along karma/rumbach’s lines. It’s all in how a guy “carries” or “presents” himself.

Some guys like the feminine act, some guys like the masculine act, and some can do either and be obviously one or the other and make it known they don’t care what you think.

It’s all in the confidence and how you show it.

I understand the wanting to look good and smell nice, but where is the line between guys and girls?? Its getting a little strange for me.

Anyone ever see that scene from Swingers where Mikey was telling Rob he had to meet his friend, Sue. “Yeah, that’s Sue. He’s a really cool guy. There’s this one time, he had this guy, had his face in the down in the gutter and was just smashing his head into the curb. He had blood all over his teeth and he just keeps fucking smashing and smashing… But yeah, he’s a real cool guy, you’d like him.”

Well, I know a guy that has all the metrosexual/gay “characteristics” - He dresses like he popped off a GQ page, only wears designer clothes. Drops $50 for a haircut in a salon every three weeks like clockwork. He knows every line of every movie ever made along with producer, director, gaffer, best boy and lighting grip. Knows every genre of music like he wrote it, down to all the B sides, producers, etc. Goes to theatre productions, musicals, opera, dance troupe expositions. Sings Earth, Wind and Fire like Philip Bailey. Works out, uses SPF and Clinique moisturizers and could easily double as a younger, hotter Richard Gere or George Clooney…

He sounds as gay as a parade if you list out these things - but he’s a fucking “Sue”. He’ll have a quiet, cultured conversation about societal influences on the woman’s role in Rowanda one minute and tear a dude’s head off and bathe in his hot, salty blood the next. And he’s a poon hound of the finest degree. Boy’s had more (and better ass) than the Playboy Mansion’s toilets.

My point: Ain’t nothin’ wrong with doing/being these things as long as you carry it off in a masculine way - like Sue.

Momma always said, “Gay is, as gay does”

In nature, it`s usually the male that has the most flamboyant colors. In the human species, in the 20th century, this was reversed and the human females displayed such behavior. Now the males are copying, or possibly returning back, to this peacockish behavior.

Change is the only constant, apparently. Go figure!

I’m too ugly to be a metrosexual; that may be my saving grace.

You’re too ugly, and I’m too poor.