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I don’t know if you guys saw this, but an interesting article about the whole metrosexual topic was written by a woman on the ESPN.com page 2 website…check it out.


there was a reply to it today as well…by Mike Greenberg of Espn and he justifies it

I thnk that being this semi-feminie form of man is just a cop-out, its like just going w/ the flow and not thinking for yourself , not forming your own opinions, ect. Its intresting to note that the more masculine " real men " seem to have a social adcantage over these pansies. So why not just be a T-man? -lumbernac

Isn’t metrosexual just another word for pretty boy?

I thought her style got really really annoying after a while, but its always good to hear somebody say they are tired of this crap.

Well I Scored a zero on the metro test. Thank Christ. Are those Mikes for real? I get TSN not ESPN (Canadian thing). The first one seems like he spends more time looking at the players asses than the game. How did he get a job with ESPN?