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Metronome for Rep Tempo?

Hey Dr. Darden,

I have a quick question for rep tempo. Have you tried using a metronome to accurate record your rep tempo?

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Thank You.

No, I have never used a metronome, but plenty of my past trainees have incorporated it into some of their routines.

It should work well for you. After a few routines, let me know how you feel?

Thank you for your response Dr. Darden. I have been using a metronome since June of this year til presently with a 4/4 tempo (recommended by Drew Baye). However, I have noticed some pros and cons.

Pros: I do not have to focus on counting reps but instead I can focus on contracting my muscles. I can divide my time by 8 seconds and easily calculate my reps (I have trouble keeping count during last few reps before failure). It definitely helps to ensure that each rep is “standardized”.

Cons: Certain exercises feel better with varying tempos and this is dependent upon the distance of the exercise. A great example is the barbell shrug which has a short distance to travel, it feels smoother with a slightly faster tempo of 2/2 or 3/3. Exercises such as deadlifts and overhead press have a longer distance to travel and would feel smoother with a tempo of 5/5.

I plan to workout this month without a metronome to see or feel any difference. I’ll let you know by the end of the month. Thank you again.

  • David

I have used a metronome over the course of several years. It is very useful for 30-30-30 reps, 10 up 10 down, 2/4, whatever your preference. It helps you provide consistency to your reps.

A metronome can be purchased inexpensively on eBay or Amazon.com. There are small battery operated units, and even small in-ear units available for around $20. You can even Google “online metronome” on your cellphone and listen through your headphones. It has worked well for me.

Hey Mmhd,

Thank you for the information. I have been using a free app metronome. It definitely helps with keeping the reps standardized and not having to count. I feel that utilizing a certain rep tempo can be awkward with certain exercises based upon the distance (e.g.barbell shrugs, deadlifts, and overhead presses). Which kind of metronome do you use?