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metldown question about chins

Hi gang,

I’m taking the weekend to plan out my next phase of training which has unfortunately coincided with the big media blitz of the low-carb approach.

Anyways, I want to do the meltdown I combined with the TDawg diet plan, but I have a small question on the training.

What kind of grip width are people using for their chins? I ask, because on a shoulder-width grip I can barely eke out 5 reps (with good rest) let alone the 10 prescribed by Mr. Alessi.

I work out at home, so I don’t have any “chin machine” that I can use for assistance. As much as possible I’d prefer to keep the chins rather than using pulldowns, but I’m asking if anyone else has run into the same problem and what descision they made (ie. maybe another exercise substitution that I can’t think of??)


When you reach failure. Do Jump Chins ie… jump to top position and slowly lower to hang. repeat