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Methyltrienolone Question


As a powerlifter, seeing the other thread mentioning such an increase in weight so quickly... I instantly became interested, and today will be picking up some. Mine will be oral, not injectable though.

When I talked to other powerlifters about it, they said that it is better used as an agression booster pre-workout, as opposed to using it every day. Would you guys agree?

Until then I had planned to just add it into my current meet prep cycle at the end, for the last 3 weeks at 250mcg/day, 500mcg/day, 500-750mcg/day, and then some before each event on meet day.

Now I am wondering if I should do the above, or follow their advice and keep my current cycle the same, and just add it pre-workout for my last 2 training weeks on max effort days only (2x a week), then use 250mcg/day for 4 days before the meet, and 750mcg on meet day (250mcg before each event)

He is a higher level lifter than myself and has been in the game a long time, but that doesn't mean he knows a lot about AAS, and I am less familiar with methyltrienolone than pretty much any other compound, so figured I would seek some advice.

FWIW my current cycle is just (yeah big step down from my last...for once my shit didn't come through, so had to rely on my small emergency stash)
1-12 Test E, 500mg per day
Week 1-3 superdrol, 15mg ED
Week 7-12, anadrol ramping up from 25mg ED to 100mg ED by the end (this was suggested to me by a certain team that does know a lot about AAS, so I figured I would give it a try)

I had planned to just throw the oral tren on top of it the last few weeks, as I already have a blatant disregard for my health...haha
Or possibly drop the anadrol and use methyltrienolone for the last few weeks instead.


500mg Test E per day? Is that correct? That equates to 3.5 grams a week, so not unheard of but I'm curious now!


Typo, sorry haha.... 500mg/week


What do you want to use it for? If you're trying to add size its probably best dosed every day. Do you have weight restrictions?


I just want strength gains from it. Size is okay but strength is the priority.

The top level lifters advised me to just use it pre-workout as an agression boost. I was just going to see if you guys tended to agree, or if I should dose it everyday, either on top of what I had already planned to take, or in place of the anadrol.


Well, I tried some pre-workout today, 250mcg, and hit pretty big PRs on 2 different lifts, and felt like I had more in the tank.....

So I will reserve it for pre-workout. Especially since I have a pretty bad temper anyway, and for the past few hours I have felt like I could eat someone's face, skull fuck them, and laugh about it.


pls keep us posted on anything else you notice. LOL at skull fcking... i think


I will just be using it on days I play to go for big PRs. Not even before every workout.

I have anger issues anyway, so this and halo both are two things I couldn't handle every day. 250mcg made me very easily provoked, and I was screaming in traffic on the way home, more than usual. I would wind up in prison if I felt like that all day, every day for any significant period of time, not joking haha.


gotcha. nvm then