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Methyltrienolone Log


hey guys im just going to log my methyltrienolone use just so theres abit more info online about it. so im on day 3 of 1mg a day injections and wow an hour after the injection i feel agitated and face feels like its burning. The pumps are insane and so are strength gains i was reping 102.5kg on shoulder press today,usually im happy with 80kg. only side affect i can really think about is i get annoyed at the slightest things,i didnt think that would start untill atleast a full week in.

so il try and write a little something everyday about how the gains are going and side affects :slightly_smiling:



i believe 500-750 mcg is the recommended dose so dont be scared to lower the dose if sides creep up on you.

also liv52, 1g ALA per day, and 3g ester C wouldnt be a bad idea for liver health. even green tea too.

how long are you planning on going?


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22.5kg increase in 3 days? Is this shit really that potent?


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oops. i missed the injection part. thought you were taking orally


I am curious in how different the effects of injecting MT is then taking it orally, if any?


BBB if your welsh than you should have known better we arnt the most sensible people (not in the north anyway):). i look after my shoulders before every other work out il do something to strengthen the muscle in my rotator cuffs.i just wanted to see how far i could push my self for the first week it wont be a regular thing.

the difference is less liver toxicity because it doesn't have to pass through the liver the first time round its straight in the blood. Im now on day 6 and wow yesterday i trained my legs i was getting 12 reps eaily when id usually struggle to get 8. muscles are like rock never even knew they could get so hard. side affects are face burning not sure why tho alot more aggressive but its controllable nothing to extreme.

always have a dry mouth for some reason :S not too sure why. waking up few times in the night but not to bothered about that. as of yet no jaundice at all no simpson skin or yellow eyes. so all in all everythings going pretty good :smiley:



aside from strength, any fat loss/muscle gain?

what else are you on?


well id say my waist is shrinking well it feels like it. i cant pinch as much fat off my stomach anyway. muscle gain well scales say iv put on 4 pounds this week so muscle gain is there. im also taking 900mg test enanthate and 600mg tren enanthate but i doubt they are contributing factor seeing as iv only been on a week so dont expect them gains to come for another week or two.



That's quite a cycle, man. Please keep this updated periodically, as I am curious as hell to see how this goes.

Best of luck. Happy pinning.


Please do keep us posted. Since the first time I read of it I was sure I needed to give it a go at some point. Hope you continue to have great results and thank you for sharing your experience.



baaad day guys had a half day in work because i felt so shitty and down. just went home to bed hardly ate and had no protein shake before the gym. did 1mg MT an hour before the gym and felt so angry while getting petrol. had the worse session on chest in a while it was like id gone back a few months. then went to supermarket and couldn't wait to get out of there heart beating weird and had to take in deep breaths every few minutes to calm down not a good sign. i deffo need to eat more been slacking this weekend because i haven't felt up to the task so its time to knuckle down, protein every two and a half hours now and going to drink more water only had like 1ltr today so not good. time to get my head in the game and stop being such a pussy.



ehh, doesnt sound like being a pussy to me... sounds like maybe you should lower the dose or even spread it out more


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feeling soooo much better today. Ate more than enough,protein every 2 hours and enough water. training went great stronger than both my training partners who both are taking 150mg of oxymetholone a day with test enanthate and deca, was smashing out 3-5 more reps than them on everything. mood felt pretty good didnt feel down or angry at all. weighed my self on was 14.5 stone so deffo gaining weight and tummy seems tighter :D. my arms felt like they where going to explode they where that pumped even tho i was training my back. one problem today tho found it hard to keep my food down not to sure why but just didnt feel hungry but i still managed to keep it all down.