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Methyltrienolone - Just Damn!


My lovely wife confessed to me that she loves my muscles and would love for me to get more. Having knocked her up while on test replacement (200cyp, little adex, and alternating every three months either HCG or pergonal --- pergonal, BTW, gives me, um, loads, that could put an eye out or break a window), we decided for me to "go for it" and have real cycle.

We opted for Test E, Methyltrienolone (an oral commonly available abroad). Have the standard Adex and HCG for sides.

Nothing exciting: 750 E, then 500 every 5 days --- starting day 10, add two pills (250mmg ea) per day, go for 21 days, then back to "just" the test.

Now, Methyltrienolone is basically oral tren. It's extremely bad for the liver, but amazingly potent, and short cycles 4 weeks in the middle, for example, are preferred.

I opted for it over Parabolan (Tren-H) because it has a relatively short half life, and I can take one in the AM and one at lunch ---- so it's gone by night (I get insomnia) ----- and still get great effects.

Anyway, I was amazed at the huge effect a large amount of Test E was having in just a week and half, but now, on day 5 of the "oral tren," I basically can recover from a massive squat day in a couple hours. It's fucking amazing.

I've actually lowered the weight I do for fear of injury -- more reps.

I've always looked like I keep in shape and have been accused of being on steroids for 20 years --- first thing I touched was Test cyp for replacement at age 40.

But I was never actually "freaky" -- I will be freaky at the end of this.


Lucky dawg


I am, indeed. I can't believe this drug is not more popular in the USA.


What gains are you seeing/expecting?

I'm thinking about incorporating it in a 2 week cycle. How does it compare to injectable Tren? The shit's dirt cheap, looks like it a packs a punch.

What's the sexual dysfunction like on it? You got caber/cialis on hand? etc...



It's hard to answer your question, as I've never used tren. On paper, it's stronger than tren.

I'm gaining many pounds a week, and it appears "dry" as I am taking adex.

Regarding sexual disfunction, I am taking so much test I pretty much get an erection typing the word erection. I am thanking G-d, my wife is newly pregnant, as it puts her sex drive through the roof, as well, and even then we're doing 3X day, which is a big deal to an old fuck like me, so she's getting a little worn.

(She's way to much into this -- practically chases me with the needle.)

Forgot to mention, I also have .25mg of T3 in the mix, daily.


Tren is my favourite, i love the drug. In every way.. makes me so aggressive and strong and masculine - i do too much of it (mind you, they've always been repeat 2 weeks cycles, but i keep stacking those cycles cos i HATE beign off tren)... but my cardio is suffering, and for an MMA athlete like myself, this is no good :frowning:

Anyway, you cnvinced me (this shit is so cheap!)

i wonder what the cardio side-effects etc.. will be - though on a two week cycle, should be ok.



this is one bandwagon i WOULD NOT be so quick to jump on and god knows i ahve done it all over teh last 20 years. The toxicity of this substance is off the charts. Bill Roberts (paraphrasing) compared teh toxicity to a high dose of anadrol stacked with a high dose of halotestin (ie fucking ridiculous). This is the one chemical that even long term users tend to feel is just not worth the potential damage which can happen very quickly. I believe the original compound was Metribolone (sp?) and was toxic to the point that it was never approved for human consumption which is quite a statement considering some of the poison the FDA gladly lets us shove down our throats.


Yeah, it would definitely a one off cycle.

My final cycle before i move off to the US in Feb - prolly be off a few months then. Plus, i'll only be using two weeks. PLUS, the fact that you can dose twice a day and be "off" by night (hence curing my tren insomnia) is a major bonus.

i've seen some logs, and i actually saw a Bill Roberts post on tis forum saying that he hasn't seen much evidence on the toxicity of this drug in practice - though of course it is.

A course of liver supplements and shit, shuold mitigate the risks IMO.

unless Jewbecaa wanna tell me he be pissing blood and turning yellow and shit?

Is you?

I was gunna go insane like 1mg.... wreckless up in this motha.


No, no sides but lots of back zits. I am going to stop at 3 weeks --- very very lose does with the test --- 2 pills a day --- because, yes, it's the worst of tren and worst of dbol as far as liver is concerned.

I'm not yellow or jaundacy.

What I like is I am getting very large and cut at the szme time, almost like dbol without the bloat. I actually have an 8 pack right now and am eating 5,000+ cals/day.

I wonder if dbol would give the same effect and no bloat with high adex.


no it won't


I've tried DMN, Dimethyl nandrolone, fucking crazy shit. almost tore my lat off due to the strenght gains on very hard diet.

Shorthness of breath was insane on 40mcg ED, and the body temp went thru the roof, insomnia hypertension cramps crazy strenght gains and insane fatloss.

I wont touch it again rather pop 200mg oxys ED.


It's best to make comparisons at what seem to be comparable acceptability of side effects.

So in other words, if getting extreme positive results with one steroid at one dosage level but also a previously-unexperienced unacceptable degree of side effects, there isn't enough information to say the steroid might not be a fine choice for the individual at some lower dose.


And yes, 200 mg/day oxymetholone either by itself or with a non-aromatizing steroid is generally (contrary to fairly common opinion) usually rather mild in side effects.


Yea I do agree, at 20mcg / day the side effects were tolerable.

I really don't find a use for dmn in my protocol atm, it is comparable to high dosages of tren but I would rather use tren since it has been around for alot longer and you know what to expect so to speak.


Holy shit!

Ok, just got off a two week cycle of oral tren. Today is Day 12, and i'll be entering PCT soon.

Oh...my...god.... Oral Tren - you know i used to have a cavalier attitude to Tren and be all like "i love this drug! it is awesome!"

Well - this shit is almost too much to handle.

First of all this was my cycle:

700mg test prop/week, 350mg masteron a week and 7mg oral tren a week. For two weeks.

Yes, i took 1mg of that stuff a day - thought wtf, i can handle it, its' only two weeks no pussyfooting around.

This drug packs a PUNCH. I took loads of liver supps so my miss, yeah a deeper shade of yellow/orange, but otherwise pretty sure my internal organs have held up sound - althoug my piss STANK.

The OP said he took the oral to avoid insomnia as it has a shorter half life. Bollocks. I'd take my second dose (500mcg in the morning 500mcg early afternoon) around 3pm - struggled to get ANY sleep. Like in the last two weeks i've averaged 3-4hours a sleep a night. What sucks was bitch ex-girlfriend took my melatonin (more on that later)

Further more, the hot sweats throughout the day were intolerable.

Furthermore - i've NEVER felt more aggressive EVER. I blame this on the tren, as test never gets me like that. Seriously, i've been beaten battered and fucked up in training (i train Muay Thai) broken noses, fractured forearms, been knocked out several times - couldn not give LESS OF A FUCK in training.

Strength is phenomenal. But the agression, and ifeel like a fucking CHAMPION. My girl dumped me (another one, heeh) in the last week and I DON'T CARE.

It's like i'm so emotionally unaffected, so self-absorbed, my thoughts are racing a million miles a second, i'm not sleeping and i'm in a really bad state mentally - i don't like it. And i know i'm not alwaysl liek this cos when i'm in PCT on the nolva and shit, i cry like a little bitch over everything, and right now i don't give a flying FUCK.

In terms of masss - well i've been TRYING to stay within a weight class as i've got a fight tomorrow, but shit, i've never seen something pump up my muscles so fast i just 12 days. I look huge, jacked, in such a short space of time. I've blown up, and the muscles are HARD and vascular. It kicked in very quickly.

Of all the substances i've done, this is the most powerful (to be honest, i havne't done many).

Oh, also, this has DESTROYED my libido (until two days ago, and now i'm hornely like a BITCH) - despite the fact that i was on 0.5mg caber and 5mg selgeline every couple of days.

I like substances i can control, i don't tihnk i can quite control this one. So i wont be doing it again. It's not like injectable tren.

Hope that helps ther people!



Also, i think this stuff makes my cock smell. I mean, steroids make my cock smell anyway, but this is making my cock smell a lot. Like my cock and balls are sweatier than they've ever been.