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New to the site. Friend told me about this site and a lot of good things about it. I'm now interested in what this product has to offer and am hoping anyone else can really help me out on the facts. My local store sells the product and recommends taking 1 4mg capsules three times day for 3-4 weeks. I've heard a lot of good stuff about it, mostly relating it's gains to superdrol with less side effects. I've taken superdrol before and the shit gave me gyno the second time I took it so the guy at the store recommended this.

Although it has no estrogen mediated side effects, he told me I don't have to take a PCT with it? Correct me if I'm wrong but that sounds ridiculous. Can anybody give me some helpful info on the product and most importantly, information about the PCT. Nolvadex would be my primary choice for a SERM wouldn't it since I've already had gyno before?


Im new to the site...first post, but here goes.
Im currently taking Ultradrol, about day 12 now; gained about 7 lbs; starting to see some gains now in major lifts (military, bench and bar rows).
As far as taking anything w/ it, I was told to just take Milk Thistle (2) w every pill and I take 2 on non-workout days and three on workout days.

Hope this helps.


i took ultra its kinda weak i wouldnt exactly compare it to superdrol alot of ppl run it 6 weeks up to 20mg so 5 caps a day i only did 4 weeks but def wish i did 6 and yes u NEED a pct i used nolva 40/20/10/10 hope that helps