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Not androgenic like M1T, less sides… more anabolic. May have a progesterone effect similar to THG / Methyltrionone. Anyone heard of this?

on that link you gave me it says: “Do not exceed 3 tablets (3mg) per day under any circumstances” - whats up with that? -thats scarry!
I personally just don’t buy everything that pops up on internet supplement sites just because of some fancy creative writing. I wouldn’t try something until lots of other people have tried it and had positive results. Bottom line is I’m from Canada and prosteroids are illegal up here. So if I’m going to use i’ll just buy myself some winstrol and primo, instead of risking buying an oral prosteroid just because they say it has simmilar effects to winstrol and primo. -At least I know exactly what I am getting with Winstrol and Primo. P-22