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Methylated Steroids Taken w/ Fats


Right now, I'm using methy-l,4 androstenediol which is a prohormone. I'm taking this in powder form with my flaxseed oil. I'm 37 years old, I have 17 years steroid experience, been training for 25 years, and am only using this product only for a strength boost. I'm taking 30mg three times per day with the flaxseed oil.

Since this product is methylated, would it be better just to take it with sugar and lipoic acid, or perhaps sublingual with some alcohol? this is the first time I'm using this oil delivery method. I know it makes more sense to do this when the steroid is non-methylated. What do you guys think is the most efficient delivery method for this type of compound?


You are correct. Taking something unmethylated with a fatty acid complex would make more sense.

Perhaps grapefruit juice could enhance drug absorption uptake. It is methylated and will absorb just fine --- I believe m,1,4ad converts 15% into dianabol.....however there is most likely intrinsic anabolic activity in the precursor steroids too.

AndroHard would be a great OTC Androgen to stack with m,1,4add

Very high DHT analogue and potent!