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Methyl sulfonyl methane(msm)

firstly,thanks for the prompt reply’s&words of encouragement in regards to my fibromyalgia post.Bill,Ive been supplementing with extra magnesium for awhile&have recently started using MSM as it is supposed to be quite effective for pain management,among other things.After 1 week,no real noticeable improvement,but perhaps it takes awhile,like creatine.One of its reported benefits is that it MAY act as a transport for nutrients or medications,thereby allowing the same effect with less actual dosage.This may be of interest to us all as if it were the case then perhaps it would make ones"medication"more effective.Just a thought.Im also using creatine,about 2 teaspoons a day.I read that the loading phase was not actually necessary&that the muscles will eventually be just as saturated using a daily longer term dosage.Im theorizing(or wishful thinking probably)that the msm will make the creatine more effective.How long can i cycle creatine for before i should give it a break?Also am using a Tribulus supplement called triandrobol.I know,wanky steroidlike name to excite the gullible,but we cant get the tribex 500 version out here.its ingredient listings are:tribulus terrestris fruit&root,2500mg.Red clover,2500mg.wild yam,625mg.im taking 4 tabs a day,2 in morn&2 at night.Am i wasting my money,or will this do anything besides give me a stiffy that’ll double as a towel rack?So far it hasn’t done anything,using for about 8 days.Any advice welcome,thanks lots,matt

I don’t know for a fact but I kind of doubt
that it increases intestinal absorption of
nutrients. Is there a basis for the claim?

And also, is there a basis for thinking creatine absorption is substantially less
than complete? (I don’t know, but certainly
a relevant question to this problem.)

More on creatine…is there really ANY valid reason to ‘cycle’ this substance? Especially if one wanted to obtain the possible benefits of creatine beyond the weight gain listed in this week’s t-mag, wouldn’t it make more sense to just keep your levels constant? When I really talk to people about cycling, it just seems they do it because they enjoy the thrill of a quick gain of a few pounds, so they desaturate then resaturate, but it seems like there would be no real ergogenic benefit to cycling. Or am I high? Your opinions, capitano?

I agree. I never thought creatine should
be cycled for the natural trainer, but
rather used constantly if of benefit. It
certainly is cheap enough, safe enough, and there would be more benefit.

The only possible exception is that I
learned of an opinion from someone whose
observations I value highly, that for the
anabolic steroid user, there’s a value in
not using it during cycles but beginning
it post-cycle. Personally, I haven’t been
able to observe it and the few that I’ve
suggested it to to try weren’t persuaded,
but then again I’m a low responder to creatine
and as I said the source of this advice is
a good observer and works with many athletes
so I don’t discount that it may be appropriate. It certainly doesn’t hurt to
try, creatine being as cheap as it is, and
typically neglected during cycles anyway.

But other than that possible exception, I agree completely: no advantage in cycling creatine.

I haven’t used creatine supplementation in years, and I’m ready to begin using it again. I was wondering what brands of creatine are recommended. I know there are many brands who don’t sell pure creatine, so since I’ve been out of the loop, maybe you can give me some brands that I can trust. I used to use EAS many years ago, but I’m not sure if that is good anymore. Any suggestions?

I’m glad the benefit’s of MSM have been brought up, I’ve found it virtually elementes soreness you would normally get the day after training. Which is down to it’s anti-imflamatory abilities. Only organic MSM shows the best results , i’ve found
LIGNISUL MSM ™ CRYSTALS is probibly the best on the market.

Watch out for Magnesium Stearate used a filler in the cheaper versions!

Also try ‘Bromelain’ a protein-digesting enzyme extract from pinnapple. Bromelain is useful in the treatment of a wide range of conditions, but it is particularly effective in relieving inflammation associated with infection and physical injuries.