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Methyl Masterdrol


Hey guys, I started a cycle of Methyl Masterdrol two weeks ago and feel no great improvement. I feel like I could have gotten where I am today without it. I am wondering what other USERS are experiencing, gains in strength, weight, power, and possibly increased appetite.

Also, I was on Halondrol-50 and felt nothing, nothing at all. With H's claims you should be able to eat a normal diet and at least feel something, I didnt. Although I have a decent diet, I do not attribute ANY gains to Halondrol..


You lazy ass, use the search. There is a HUGE thread on masterdrol/superdrol in the steroids forum.


Yeah I wouldn't really call MM a "supplement"...


If you'd like, you can read "My workout & Masterdrol Result Summary" in the "The Over 35 Liter" or under "Steriods".


You lazy ass, use the search. There is a HUGE thread on masterdrol/superdrol in the steroids forum.

Yah, I did that already. Pretty vague sometimes what we find on the search engine. And, a lot ot info on some post are NOT from users, but from LAB results or "claims". So, I was just trying to get feedback from users of the product, not from people who just want to talk smack.

thank you


The only thing left for you to do is move to injecting your steroids. Let me know how that works out.


okay, so what are you on then. and how is that working for you???


On my second cycle now. Good results. Some side effects-shin splints and cramping. The price on the stuff keeps going up. I ordered a bottle 5 days ago and the price just went up $15.00 dolars since then. I got several guys at work using the stuff and they are all impressed with their gains. This time I am going to get some blood work done at the end of the cycle to see what negative side effects their are.


Th stuff is shit.

All the problems and complications of real steroids, not as many gains.


I'm on zma, trib, and protein. That seems to do the trick for me. As far as Masterdrol goes, 1 cycle gave me great gains, so I feel bad for a non-responder such as yourself.


you can feel as bad as you want to, because i paid about 40-60 bucks for it and did not respond well enough to keep taking it. I luckily havent recieved anything but small amount of acne with it.

I have tried ZMA and liked it well enough buy more. the last time that i was on it was about a year ago. also on Max Muscle's "max anabol, max tribustak" while on ZMA. gained 12 pounds in a month, though some of it went away while i got off, i liked it. no side effects with me either-another plus...


Masterdrol did ok gains for me (2cycles). Although my greatest side effects were headache every day and unprovoked nose bleeds 3 times. It was time for me to come off and try something else. Besides, once it is gone it's gone because of the ban and will not be making any more.


i agree about once its gone...
somehow i got headaches AFTER masterdrol. i am on novedex now and took about three to four pills the firs two days at night. i am down to two (first night) and during the transition somehow started to get headaches only while working out though..


During my first week of a four week MD cycle, I immediately noticed a strength increase but, I think that may have been a placebo effect.

I had experienced a few leg cramps during the cycle but, that occurred upon awakening and stretching while in bed; therefore, I don?t think it was the MD because of my water intake.

I had no flexibility problems what-so-ever. I had a little loss of libido during the four week MD cycle; however, I just kept taking my Tribulus, Saw Palmetto and 6-OXO, before, during the cycle and PCT. Four days into my PCT, I was back to normal. Also, not mentioned were other supps taken for each workout i.e., CEE, NO, et al.

Much has been said about the necessity of taking Nolvadex for gynecomastia when using MD; however, we all react differently and IMPO I didn?t think MD was that strong to include Nolvadex in my PCT. However, I did use Formadrol and 6-OXO among other supps.

Other than sides listed above, I had no gyno, lethargy, hair loss or any other issues using MD and again that?s probably because before my MD cycle, I pre-loaded with a percentage of PCT supps and used the same percentage of supps during the MD cycle. The last four weeks of my planned workout routine also included my full PCT.


yah, seems that MD doesn't work all that well. I tried M 1 alpha, but due to work, I didn't get to work out enough. Prob works better, but i am done with prohormones for a while.