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Methyl Masterdrol

I just got Methyl Masterdrol by Legal Gear and heard a lot of negative things about it like the side effects. Should I toss them or just take the milk thistle and enjoy the gains…

I just bought it also, and am still waiting to take it until i read up and found out the correct way to do so. It says take 2-3 pills a day, now does that mean take them at breakfast lunch and inner. But im considering just taking 2 a day, but then i dont know when to take it, 1 hour before and right after, or right before and right after. Can someone please inform me.

sounds like a load of crap to me, but hey its your body, good luck :slight_smile:


Perhaps you can satisfy my curiosity about something:

How is it possible that you have purchased masterdrol BEFORE you knew how to take it or what the side effects would be?

Do you just order products based on a magazine ad? I can’t imagine parting with my money without first doing a lot of research on what I was buying.

I’ve seen this type of question pop up several times in the past and I’m just curious what your thought process is when selecting a new supplement.



I read that to start off you should take 10 mg which is just one pill a day. Take it with food but it says nothing about when it should be taken. As for if you are taking 2 or 3 pills I would say one at breakfast, lunch, dinner. I was told 10 mg a day to start off to see how your body reacts to it.

You are missing key things here

  1. A herbal supp to lower the cholesterol tghat will spike, as well as an aggressive PCT program. If you don’t know how to take it, then I assume you don’t know what to take to recover when your hormones are shut down at the end of week 3.

You need to google superdrol an look through peoples logs in other forums before going forward.

Your bottle is Superdrol (Methasteron) with Milk Thistle and Hawthorn Berry added to it.

What’s left is left and no more will be made

I am seeing this too that the methyl masterdrol and superdrol are now discontinued, probably because they were never really that legit or “legal” in the first place. Im probably going to stock up on some methyl masterdrol or superdrol because i have heard nothing but good from it. (well some sides i guess but nothing i didnt get from the good old m1t)

It would be nice to hear from someone who has tried anything from either anabolic xtreme or legal gear, i love Biotest supps and i just made an order for some Alpha Male (and of course the free Peanut Butter Grow! Bars) but they dont sell anything that “powerful”. Im not ready for roids yet so some feedback on this stuff would be nice since it is as close as you can get to real gear.

Actually I already have 60X0 and I did get extra milk thistle as well as hawthorne berry. I may look into something that will really help the HDL and LDL because I know they go in inversely bad directions.

I have taken Superdrol, and believe me it is very STRONG!!! You will be extremely moody, and lethargic, and serious heat flashes, and you will need at least 1200mg of milk thistle daily for it, It will seriously tax your liver. You will get gains from it, but is it worth it? It came out right before the ban, and it was never investigated until now. Its a steroid, so remember what you are dealing with. you should take L-arginine with it too.
and eat, eat , eat, and drink a gallon of water.

If I think of anything else, I will let you know…

Try twinlabs cholesterol support formula, or celery seed extract to help with blood pressure. Niacin can help with the cholesterol issues. IMO superdrol isnt’ that nasty of a supplement. In terms of how I felt on it, I felt WWAAY worse on m1t and I also felt worse on anadrol. In fact I noticed little sides at all. I did stay a a pretty low dose though. I can give you a link to a site that discusses the use of superdrol/masterdrol and proper pct in great detail. Just PM me.

Although it is a steroid, i see this as an alternative to steroids for one reason, the legality. For anyone who has the proper PCT in order, the right nutrition and a good program, this is the BEST thing that is still legal. I emphasize legal here. I will not take AAS simply because i am afraid to try to source any. (especially since i am in the criminal justice program) I would take the same caution with this as i would if i were taking AAS.

How much does the milk thistle help with the liver problems? I heard that your back even aches because the liver can be so painful. And yes I haven’t decided if it is worth it.

[quote]golfer44 wrote:
How much does the milk thistle help with the liver problems? I heard that your back even aches because the liver can be so painful. And yes I haven’t decided if it is worth it.[/quote]


This is from the National Institute of Health.


You can read the report and make your own mind. Their conclusion is as follows:

Conclusions. Milk thistle’s efficacy is not established. Published evidence is clouded by poor design and reporting. Possible benefit has been shown most frequently, but inconsistently, for aminotransferases, but laboratory tests are the most common outcome measure studied. Survival and other clinical outcomes have been studied less, with mixed results. Future research should include definition of multifactorial mechanisms of action, well-designed clinical trials, and clarification of adverse effects.

Adverse Effects:

Adverse effects associated with oral ingestion of milk thistle include gastrointestinal problems (e.g., nausea, diarrhea, dyspepsia, flatulence, abdominal bloating, abdominal fullness or pain, anorexia, and changes in bowel habits), headache, skin reactions (pruritus, rash, urticaria, and eczema), neuropsychological events (e.g., asthenia, malaise, and insomnia), arthralgia, rhinoconjunctivitis, impotence, and anaphylaxis. However, causality is rarely addressed in available reports. For randomized trials reporting adverse effects, incidence was approximately equal in milk thistle and control groups.

Hope it helps,

Thanks that site is really helpful. I am only 165 lbs so I am going to start off with just 10mg anyway. I’ve taken MAG-10 in the past and experience big gains in strength and about 10lbs. I am very lean though, so I’m not looking to get any more cut up. This is the stuff to put some weight on with.

On another note… what is the best thing to do in order to keep the physical gains?

So far, good stuff. I’m using it in conjuntion with Thib’s East European Bodybuilding. Gained 6 pounds first week, but only 1 the second week (even with an increase in calories - currently at 3300). Middle of third week now. Strength keeps going up. Starting PCT in a few days.

I should also mention that during this third week, at 30mg, my face, back, shoulder and chest are all breaking out. No problems at 10 or 20mg.

Take TRIBEX or something similar starting week two of your three weeks + PCT, it will really help with your general feeling of well being throughout the cycle and after. I also popped some 60x0 a few times, because your test levels will be WAY down.

I got great gains off this stuff though.

Good luck!

Thanks, I am starting next week so I will keep posting.

I had 26 LBS of LBM while on Superdrol. From 214 24% BF to 236 20% BF. I didnt have any problems with the stuff and took Milk Thistle, Fish/Flax Oils, NAC, Multi Vitamin, Alpha Male. I used M for PCT but I really never had any problems. My balls shrunk up a little while on it but the M got them back to normal after a week or so.