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Methyl Masterdrol/Formadrol Extreme


Im thinkign about buying methyl masterdrol and taking 20mg for 3 1/2 weeks and then after im going to take formadrol im 18 how bad can it be for me like long term effects and then short term effects.Im taking multi vitamins, vit c , vit e,milk thistle,amino acids,acne medication, clean my face like 3 times a day i eat very healthy, and if i wrk out for liek 4 or 5 times a week liek im suppose to how much muslce mass will i actualyy gain in the 3 or 4 weeks and after i take it im goin to work out still .Will i mostly likeley get gyno and will my test stay low after i take the formadrol the 4 ur helppp.


Uh, got spell check??? Your typing is like an 18 MONTH old.

Aside from that, use the search engine. There are tons of threads on MM. Check them out


O thx that helped


Let me be the first to point out that at your age this is ill-advised.


I second what rockscar said; at your age you still have at least 3-5 more years of really good natural growth. But, if you are dead set on using (which is not advisable!!!) then best of luck to you. Any ideas for PCT? This is ill advised, if you use this there is a very strong chance that your natural hormone levels will be reduced and impacted when it is all said and done with.


Just curious Mike, but in your opinion, if he does not want to have children in the future, and he plans on juicing his entire lifting life, does his natural hormone level matter?


That doesnt answer my question will i get acne still even though im on acne medication and will i get hairy from it will my test go bac to normal once i take the formadrol im only gonna take 20 mg for 3 1/2 weeks what long term effect will i get even though im takin all the vitamisn and shit .......


sounds to me like not only do you not have any idea what you are talking about in regards to steroids or have any idea what they will do to you, how to take them, and how to come off them etc.

It also seems to me like your a beginner in the gym as well and hardly if ever have worked out and maybe your friend just told you about superdrol.Long story short dont touch the stuff for at least a few more years and especially if you dont have a few years of training under your belt.