Methyl Depot?

So Im startin a gaining cycle consisting of a creatine formula and Methyl Depot.Its basically superdrol with a different name.Has anyone had any success on it?Im currently 195lbs and 18%bf.

I know people who have used Superdrol (I have as well), as liked it quite a bit. I would stay on the lower side of the dosing end though, you may start to get these odd ‘lower back pumps’ at the end of your run. As to the other supplement, Creatine is a basic staple these days, and you don’t really need to do much to make it ‘hardcore’ other than the usual hyped up marketing BS.

Don’t expect magic from the creatine formula, most companies just add a bunch of crap (and sugar) to promote extra water retention.


Yeah,I dont mind the water retention since Im lookin to make some jumps in strength.But as far as the superdrol went,did you notice alot of strength gains?