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what’s up all.
i was wondering if anyone knew more than the basic info. on methyl-d.
i’d like to hear if anyone has used it, and if it’s solid, or shit.


There is another thread around here on it that goes into it.

The only thing I will say is watch the brand you get. Some have been under or not dosed at all, but seems to be correted now. Only some of the old batch may be floating around out there


Well, I tried the stuff and didn’t notice a damn thing.

That having been said I did only try it at 3mg/day for 3 weeks but at the same time you would think something would have occured (BTW, I ate and trained the same as when I did a 2 week M-1-T cycle and on that I gained 8 lbs at 10mg/day).

There has been a lot of talk however about underdosing with the stuff, basically you need to be taking around 8mg/day (depending on bodyweight). At that dosage a lot of people are getting some great results.

STU (posting as my bro because I’m too lazy to log in)

I’m on my 8th day of it at 1mg,2,3,4,5,4,4,4 and that’s brings me to today. I’m using the designer supps brand and I wouldn’t try another. A friend of mine tried another and not only did it not work, it made him feel like shit.
I feel mixed about it. It’s pretty good, I’m cutting with low cals and strength is there and I’m getting good pumps but with real gear out there I don’t think it’s all that great. I mean we don’t really know the possible sides of this and we do with the real stuff. It is more potent than any other supplement I’ve tried though and if you’ve never juiced you’ll like it.
I like to run short cycles when I try something new so I may stop it today just to avoid shutdown and keep going.
I’ve got no sides yet except a slight increase in irritability.

Thanks everyone. I just wanted to know what was up with it because I was reading about it in MD mag. I’ve been 160 lbs since my late teens, and over the last year I’ve got to my goal of 200. Now I run about 207, and am trying to hit the next level. I know about Deca and Winstrol per my swoll brother. But I’m not sure if I want to go that route.(Meow)Thanks for the input, and anyone else who has info. hook it up.

I’ve been sitting back and observing this one. Originally the product that was brought out wasn’t methyl-d at all. But now that purity tests have shown it to be the right compound there still isn’t too much great feedback. Most people reporting gains used homebrews and not the tabs, which is interesting in itself. Also there were some figures done on another board and the people that were taking around 5mgs were getting better results than those taking the upwards of 8mgs. Something to think about. But the main thing to focus on is that this compound is mainly for body recomp. It is not a mass builder like m1t and nobody wants to realize that. Take it for a month and you could lose like 5 pounds of fat and gain 3 scale pounds. People look at that and are like wtf? When in reality that’s really impressive. You just have to take the compound for what it is. It won’t blow you up but it seems to be a better cutter or slow lean bulker.

I’m going to have to agree with JJ on that. It’s like taking d-bol and gaining 15-20 lbs then tying primo tabs and only gaining 3-5 lbs (while losing 3-5 lbs). People just don’t pay attention to the details.

I got a budy on it and seems to me it’s making him more worn out and a little cranky!

I’ve heard that m40hn is a better PH and basically does everthing that Methyl-d is supposed to ie. good for losing about a lb or so of fat a week while gaining a lb or so of lbm.