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Methyl Andro by PMD and Alcohol


Yes, another ALCOHOL question. I apologize for my newbie question

I got two months of Methyl Andro by PMD. It’s some OTC test booster from GNC.

I got it for free so im going to take it for the 8 week cycle just to see how it goes. I know that natty booster gains are poor and if anything just psychosomatic so the bashing isn’t necessary.

Question is, im two weeks into it and a situation came up where i’d like to drink a beer or two. ( not a big drinker). If i stay super hydrated and up my protein intake that day will i be alright?


If you got it at GNC, it probably won’t do much for you. Now that’s out of the way…

It’s all vitamins, herbals, and minerals. None of that is going to effect your liver, so drinking alcohol is no more dangerous than normal.


thanks man.