Methyl 1Test Cycle

Just finished a 2 week cycle of M1T. Anyone else have any sides with this stuff? Man, I’m glad to get off of this. Don’t think I’ll try it again. Any other suggestions with phormones?

Getagrip: My sides while “on” went away after ~4 days of use then I felt great! Did you have the sides all the way through the 2 weeks?Some people have reported that problem,so I guess I am one of the lucky ones…How many Mg./day were you using?


Did you do any research before you jumped into this? There are lots and lots of posts regarding people’s experiences with this substance which would have gave you a good idea what to expect.

In fact, on this site, if you do a search in the forums, is a very long thread entitled “Methyl-1 Test Survey” which covers a hell of a lot of people’s experiences with it.

where is that thread. I search for the title you have there and I cant find it. I would love to read it.

I just finished up 5 weeks on M1T and it made me groggy as hell, but damn if i didnt get bigger and stronger

Or, just click “Next Page” until you see “Methy-1 Test survey”

For those that want to do M-1-T but avoid some of the more common sides you could add D-bol to the equation. I found this killed all lethargy that I felt on M-1-T alone. (ended up with chronic back pumps though!)

I am on my 11th day and the only side effect I’m feeling is the lethargy. Some days worse than others but once I get off my ass and to the gym, it goes away. Love the gains though.

what are you stcking it with? laters pk

anyone try a Mag-10 stack with the M1-t?

mag-10 has two ingredients, 4-ad and the 1-test. It’s in a liquid delivery form. M-1T is a methylated version and some people say that it actually changes the composition of the molecule and it’s effects. Any way stack some 4-ad with the M1-t and then lets compare results with the mag-10. laters pk

Been off Methyl 1-test for 4 days now and still feel like crap. Anxiety, uptight, can’t seem to relax. I was only taking 20 mg for 2 weeks but I suppose it effects people differently. Anyone have any simular sides with this and how long they last after stopping? Thanks.

Get a grip.

You say only 20mg ED. That is actually a high dose of this toxic crap. That could be a reason why you are feeling like crap.

Drink plenty of fluids, and make sure to take your liver supps…

How were your results?


The lethargy and irritability sticks with me for a good two weeks after I’ve ended the cycle. I’m just happy I have nolva for pct and not clomid. Made that mistake once and never again.

Actually, after 2 weeks of M1T I gained 2 lbs but lost 2% of bodyfat. I admit, I look kinda freaky with the added muscle. I now realize that the sides are not worth the gains…al least with this stuff.

I totally agree with you there. OVER RATED!!! Not worth the health risk.


Do the sides suck? Hell yes, but some people get them a lot worse then others. Hell, I’ve had sides on a couple cycles but on others felt fantastic. But the one thing remains that the stuff works (for the majority), and really well for some people. As with adding any hormone to your body it’s going to knock a few things out of whack. This one just seems to come with a list as long as halo. (not to compare the two in any way except length of list of sides.)

What phormones are you guys recommening with less sides? Mag-10 & 4 ADEC are not on the shelf anymore.

regular old 4AD and 1-TEST. Both in a transdermal.

Just my 2cc

just a little more M1T and liver toxicity info. This guys higest dose was 7.5mg.

Just thought some might be interested.