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How do you guys feel about Methyl-1-Test and/or 1-Test (if you have done some research and preferrably used either or both)???

From my research I have read that it is NOT a pro-steroid nor a pro-hormone - that it's actually a true steroid. But, it's not illegal (yet) and it's not nearly as powerful as illegal anabolics.

Further, I have read that there is NO possible estrogen conversion from 1-Test itself, nor from any converted Test after the liver. It's taughted to be several times more anabolic than regular Test and is only mildly androgenic (acne, voice deepending, aggression, etc.).

Finally, several sources say that the best way for 1-Test to get past the liver is in a fat-soluable suspension (enters the blood thru the lymphatic system, like a dietary fat does).

However, methylated 1-Test (Methyl-1-Test) doesn't need a fat to get it to the blood and is supposedly nearly 100% bioavailable, therefore requiring a fraction of the dose of 1-Test (300-600mg of 1-Test vs. 20-40mg of Methyl-1-Test). Although, there is some concern with liver toxification with the Methylated version. Methyl-1-Test products do mention this and some come with liver detoxifying compounds. 1-Test products do not mention this risk and are typically just 1-Test.

Any and all feedback GREATLY appreciated!!!

On a side note: I have used MAG-10 (A-1-E, and 4-AD product) with some limited success, so please don't give me shit for not completely sticking with Biotest. I also have used I-TU (a 1-Test product that uses an undecanoate ester - sesame oil and oleic acid) and have found solid gains with that. I like Biotest's products, but this market is too competitive to not have other quality companies out there. I'm just looking for general scientific and anecdotal infomation across the board - let's not be biased please, unless you have tried several types and brands of products!

Thanks a bunch!



I've gone over this topic in two previous columns:



As far as anecdotal reports go, the most commonly reported side effects are lethargy and an increase in blood pressure, with a few reports of nausea. It's for that exact reason that I don't like this androgen along with the fact that its true anabolic activity doesn't warrant tolerating such side effects. If, on the other hand, you don't have a problem with it, more power to you. While I won't deny that it's effective, it's not the outrageously powerful compound that the "shops" on the internet are making it out to be.



I really appreciate you taking the time to point me in a direction of education. I am all for being in the know and I love your honest advice!

However, I do have a couple concerns that you sparked for me:

  1. I read your articles (as best I could since I'm not a doctor), and I appreciated the fact that you are not just interpreting data, but questioning how certain conclusions shouldn't have been formed. The thing that I find confusing though is that you just posted, "...I won't deny it's [M1T] effective..." Yet, you don't give M1T ANY credit for being at least a poor androgen in your other articles on it! I am not picking a fight with you, but rather I am trying to understand why you contradicted yourself???

  2. I have already bought some M1T, so I will post what I get out of it. But, while I have your attention, what is the best pro-steroid/pro-hormone androgen that anyone can buy (no matter the brand)??? Part deux of that is then what's the best delivery method? (is MAG-10 TRULY the best - in your honest to God, non-biased, double-blind scientific opinion???)

Thanks Cy!

Opinions and comments from all members are encouraged!!!




I would put M-1-T in the better than nothing category. Once you do a well designed beginner ecycle for 16 weeks you won't care about M-1-T.

Unlike real gear, M-1-T will cause strength gains that out pace growth. Every time I came off M-1-T I was sore and miserable for a while. If you add up the cost of all the supplements and food and compare it to real gear and food, they aren't that different.


[I wrote a reply a couple hours ago, but I don't see it here... so, forgive me if this shows up as a duplicate]

Cy- Thanks for the clarifications. I still didn't see you mention anywhere in those articles that M1T actually worked... But, I got the jist of how you feel about it now. Still - how about my second question about what is the hands down best prohormone/legal gear???

PAP- Thanks for your thoughts. A couple things... I'm NOT looking to get into real gear. I don't want to inject, nor really screw with my body for months on end. I simply want to add 5-10 pounds of beef to bust through a plateau. Also, anyone wanting to get big has to eat big, natural or not! An extra sandwich or two when on an androgen shouldn't cost you that much! Also, strength gains are said to be 67% correlated with mass. If I gain 15% in strength, I should be able to theoretically gain 10% in mass. How come you didn't think your growth kept up with your strength gains after coming off M1T... do you think you got enough protein??? More importantly, how would you rate the M1T results to other prohormone (not real gear) that you have used???






Thanks for all of your knowledge.

I would like to satisfy my curiousity once and for all. Of the legal pro hormones, which would work the best in an injectable form and in what ester? Also, at what max dose would the risk to benefit ratio begin to favor risk?



It's worked very well for everyone I know who has tried it. 4-AD seems to cut down on the sides. But this is just real world experience.


If it works for the dead guy like Rick James it must do wonders for everyone else.


If the stuff is real, then it will work. i tried it for 10 days taking 20mg (10mgx2) a day, with 800mg of 4-ad powder a day. I went from 210-218.5. I was able to put up some personal bests in certain lifts. laters pk


thanks for reporting your feedback. i have had similar results, all though my bodyfat definitely went up. it's seems very hard for me to find that balance in calories-in for growth and maintenance and calories-out, without fat gain (i think i need to reduce carbs during the day, upping them PWO). oh well, i think my gains are bigger and faster at a higher bodyfat than trying to stay leaner.

my first cycle was 14 days @ 20mg. being that i'm pushing 240lbs, i'm trying 14 days @ 40mg to see what that does. i took a two week off period to not risk hepatoxia. i believe these short cycles help to prevent liver distress. i'm also going to use an anti-e with this second go-round just to see what blocking e can add to the equation. probably stay on the anti-e even post-cycle for a couple weeks.



I don't think i ever hit above 3500 calories in any given day. I definitely was consuming most of my carbs during and post workout. It is so difficult to get those extra calories. I made sure i was getting a minimum of 300 grams protein, sometimes up to 400 grams.

I would not move up to 40mg a day. I don't think you can go by more is better. you need to have some patience at the lower dosages. I don't like to exceed my normal strength gains because i feel i don't give my body time to properly adapt.

Are you also stacking 4-ad. i believe that is a must. I don't see any reason why you would need an anti-e while on unless you feel like you are getting a high conversion because of the 4-ad converting to testosterone. I highly doubt that.

for recovery right now i'm on tribex-500 6 caps a day, 50mg clomid, vitex cap, methoxy 2 servings, and ipriflavone 800mg, not to mention my continuing liver support supplements. My joints have been hurting me lately so i have started also taking some joint support supplements. I don't know if it because of the methyl-test usage or not. laters pk


it's not that i feel the 20mg/day wasn't cutting it. i'm just a bigger guy and i thought that would be a more effective dosage at my weight of 240lbs.

no, i'm not stacking it w/ 4-AD-EC. i did hear it was a good with M1T though. maybe next cycle. i think i might hold off on the anti-e for post-cycle, when my natural T is trying to re-bound (which is why you are using clomid, correct?)

also, what brand did you take?




the anti-e post cycle helps in natural testosterone rise. that is why they recommend taking M with the tribulus products.

i have the legal gear brand of M1T and the regular 4-ad powder from beyond a century.

i did notice a decrease in semen volume while on the androgens. The volume has definitely increased with the clomid. laters pk


I was actually quite impressed w/ the strength gains I got from m1t. I ran 525mg test enan. for 10 weeks as a base and alternated 2 weeks on and 1 off w/ different c17AA compounds. So weeks 1and2 were dbol 30mgs ed
4and5 were 75mg anadrol ed. 6and7 were 30mg m1t. And weeks 9 and 10 were 30mg anavar ed. Weight gain only went up 2-3lbs. over the 2 weeks that I was on m1t, but as I mentioned, strength gains were better than any of the orals I tried. For me, I needed to keep the nolva at 20mg ed because I noticed itchy nipples immediately. Hope this helps, and LMK if you have any Q's.



Oh, I'll give ya shit anyway.

I love the way people categorize "true steroids" and "pro-steroids" based on their legality.

Here is a shocker for you: there's no such thing as a "pro-steroid". The "pro-steroids" are actually anabolic steroids, period. All anabolic steroids are steroid hormones. And - get ready for this - so are the "pro-steroids" and "pro-hormones". They are all totally and 100% true steroids.

Here is another shocker: several "illigal anabolics" are, in fact, a lot less powerful than the two compounds in Mag-10. It's not marketing, it's simple chemistry. Want examples? Andriol (testosterone undecanoate) and Proviron (mesterolone) immmediately come to mind, but there are quite a few more.

In a few months, androstenedione will officially become an "illigal anabolic" and will in fact be classified as an anabolic steroid. It won't, however, become any more effective because of it.


What cani do to stop hair loss 'cos of DHt conversion?Would Finasteride and Minoxodil help .Pl let me know how i can prevent hair loss while opn M-1T