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Methyl-1-Testosterone Doutbts

I’m new over here and i’d like to have your help. I’m planing my second cycle and i have

lots of them…if YOU were in my situation, what cycle would you do? One cycle using both of them, or two different cycles…how many weeks…how many miligrams of each one…?
My goal is to gain about 5-6kg (or more) but no fat at all. The diet is good for sure, I just need to adjust the cycle.

I think the 'srol with M1T is fine, but you could do test and 'strol instead of the m1t…just an idea. I think M1T is a more expensive, with more sides version of DBOL. Good luck.

You really have to do some more of your own research on this issue. Steroids, for the most part, are for individuals who are willing to put time and effort into research before putting foreign substances into their body. The more you research, the more knowledgable you will become and the better off you will be.

Start out at the newbee thread, there is a great list of most of the AS available on the market. Select a few items, including a Testosterone, that seems applicable for your goals. Research them, try to put a cycle together (including AI’s and/or SERMs) and come back, and individuals here will give their opinions as to what changes should or could be made.

If it seems like alot of work, it is. If it seems like it is too much work, you are not ready.

No disrespect.

thetruthpitbull: sorry, but i’m not that guy who goes to the gym 2 months before summer to become ‘hot’ for the girls or something like that…i’m that guy who follows realy hard his diet, trains realy hard and do lots of research…

that’s because i’m on a foreing forum studying, because on the forums about steroids here in brazil don’t have much information about the m1t…some say the dosage is about 40 to 60mg ED for 6 weeks, some say that it would be suicide and the right is 10-20mg ED for 4 weeks maximum…that’s because i’m here, to know wich one is right…just it.

Can you help me? I found no article here about M1T and its dosage, but in another forum I found that the option of 10-20mgED for 4 weeks is the right one, is it right?
thx again

If you already have M1T, you can use 40mg/d for about 4 weeks (that’s as long as I would go with an oral that doesn’t have many studies relating to it’s toxicity) and do a proper PCT.

If you don’t, I would really just do test by itself. It’s considered by many, to be the best overall drug. You can pack on mass with it, and if your diet is right you can even shed a lot of bodyfat of just testosterone. Hope this helps.

I’d probably run them both 2 on 2 off. M1T gives me more sides than anything I have ever tried and don’t like it, the gains are nice though. Stanozolol I have never tried, but don’t think I want to. Good luck with your cycle(s)

I’m not too versed with the M1T, but I am sure that you can run it at 50mg ED for around 6 weeks and same goes for the Winny. I would just watch out for any of the sides that are associated with M1T use and discontinue use if they appear.

Since you live in Brazil can you not go to the pharmacy or a friend and pick up some Test to replace you M1T with? Or just use the M1T as a kickstart for the first few weeks?

From what I have heard from other boards, acquantances and friends who have tried M1T that it isn’t really worth it. Try going another route if you can. I’m not sure why the other poster would choose to do M1T, but decide to stay away from the Winny… but there are sides associated with winstrol use too. Then again, why does M1T have such a bad rep and there are alot more winstrol users out there?

I would also like to state that it would be next to impossible to gain 5 kg in 6 weeks without putting on a kilo or two of fat. A good goal may be .5kg of dry sarcoplasm weekly.

You may also want to post your diet so we can help you stay closer to your no-fat-gain goal. If your diet is up to par you may want to post it anyhow so I and others can gain knowledge from it. You can do so in the Supplements and Nutrition section.

Best of luck!

ok guys…
in front of so many different opinions I quit the idea of taking M1T. So, I was thinking of using Stanozolol 100mg ED for 6 weeks…than a regular PCT.
I know many people say that YOU’VE GOT to use some testo in your cycle, but is it realy truth? IF it IS, wich testo would you use in this case? I hope the stanozolol alone can make it by itself, but if it doesn’t, I’ll try to get the testo you say to me.