Methyl 1-test

1-AD is not 1-Testosterone. 1-AD converts via enzymatic pathway into 1-Testosterone. There is a huge difference between 1-Testosterone and 17Alpha-Methyl-1-Testosterone–Don’t even compare the two in terms of potency.

I think you’ve got a bit confused with the nomenclature. This post is about Methyl-1-Test which is a different substance to 1-Testosterone.

Quoting Macaijah:
Drop the Mag-10 from the cycle. Mag-10 has 1-Test and will only compete with M-1-T (which will undoubetly win as it’s androgenic binding property is much higher).

From what I have read (I’ve researched this a bit now), Methyl 1-Test has an insane potency. Now, I haven’t seen any real reviews yet, perhaps its too new. There’s always “if its too good to be true” business as well. I’m going to wait and see about this. If it looks like its going to be legislated out of existance I might spring for a bottle and learn the hard way.

I know I was just having a moment of fun. I took that shit one time and ohh my goodness. It worked with a slew of sides to boot. Still got some forever memorys left on me from that:-)

care to elaborate on the sides?

Sure the worst acne you could ever imagine. It also was the drug that gave me my first taste of gyno…ouch. I still have that little cyst with me. It took multiple rounds of the great acne drug Acutane to the clear the boils. However even still today drug free I still get acne on my chest and shoulders and be it known that I had never had it b4 even with other steroids. I dont remember really anymore water tension than was already present in my cycle at that time. I added Methyl in at the 6 week mark. It hardend me up though and I had great pumps and it was the strongest I ever was, I did not have labs but I did stay flushed through that cycle and I know my BP was up.

The side effects of Methyl-1-Test will be no different than Mag-10 or 1-Ad–only more pronounced.

On one side M-1-T shouldn’t cause gyno cause it doesn’t aromatise but pumpdogg says he suffered bad gyno?!
If you can’t counter it with Anti-E’s what can be done? Certainly don’t want gyno, acne I can put up with.
Pumpdoog what sort of dosages were you ingesting with M-1-T?

This is a post by Pat Arnold at

…the etiology of gynecomastia is not completely clear. Sometimes an androgen that does not aromatize or have significant progestational activity can still lead to the condition in certain individuals (usually folks who previously developed it transiently in adolescence). Most often this occurs post cycle, when androgen levels drop so much that the ying to estrogens yang no longer is there for protection. IN other words, you need some androgen or you will grow titties, even with very small amounts of serum estrogens (plus, gyno tissue may actually be able to locally synthesize estrogens from circulating cholesterol).

Another possiblity is higher IGF-1 levels from the steroid. IGF-1 can stimulate the growth of all tumors (gyno is a tumor) and androgens can stimulate hepatic IGF-1 synthesis. So even with the optimal hormonal environment you may still see aggravation of existing gyno.

So the moral of the story is, when you play with hormones there is no absolute and sure fire guarantee that you will not develop gyno. The risk with certain androgens however (like 1-AD and 1-test) is much much less than with other ones that can exhibit female hormone activity

Maybe he got Methyl 1-Test confused with Methyl-Testosterone. Don’t know but both should not cause gyno?

It is possible that there was an underlying case of gyno from childhood. I was the fat kid who got picked on and then when pubes came the fat left. Hoewever I do suffer from low test levels and will take some kind of hormone replacement for the rest of my life. So that may be the reason that gyno started in that cycle or maybe the tissue was ready to grow. I must say that although a fat kid I did not have nipple pain or lumps under the nipple until this point and time. I dono maybe if ya have small A cup titties for a little while in life then you can have gyno too. lol… lol… Titties are gone now, pain is gone, lump is still very small and there. Just be carefull boys you all seem very knowlegeable to me ( well some of you do anyways). It is always a risk but I think a risk worth taking. I would not have the body that I do today if it had not been for AAS. Jab away

Anyone know anything about Methyl Technologies brand, any good??

Any more info??? Bump to the top.

Methyl Technologies brand is the same stuff from the same place, just a different label :wink:

Just asking but since the sides of this stuff are that much more pronounced then wouldn’t mag10 be a lot safer route with no chance of gyno or hair loss and still produce similar gains? Or have the gains from this actually been that much higher?

Another quick question is how is it legal exactly? I thought the whole loop that brought us PHs was that they convert once in the body, since this stuff doesn’t need to convert wouldn’t that classify it on the no no list?

Yes, it would. It is a technicality. That is why some legislators want to schedule these substances. I believe the new delivery systems put 1-Test into your system and do no require your body’s enzymes to convert them to active compounds. I might be wrong about this but I thought the whole idea behind the methylated 1-Test was that it completely bypassed digestion and liver processing to provide 100% bioavailability of the active compound.

I am currently doing a 1-Test/4AD cycle (not methyl). I have been “on” for 2 weeks and as of yesterday I have noticed a good increase in strength and muscle mass, with a decrease in bodyfat. I have 2 more weeks to go before I go “off” for a while. I believe the methyl version is supposed to be quite a bit more potent. I’m pretty happen with my results so far. I have added about 20lbs to all my lifts in 2 weeks.

A couple of things; I am eating like a horse. I generally follow the P+C, P+F protocol with the Surge-like post-workout drink. I am not adding bodyfat; quite the contrary. Then again, my training volume has increased somewhat and I’m only really eating when I’m hungry. I’m still keeping the meals reasonable in size and opting for eating 5-7 times a day. Some people say the 1-Test kills their appetite but I haven’t noticed this. The only thing I have noticed is lethargy in the afternoons because of it; this was solved with ECA and or caffeine.

I am hanging out watching what happens with methyl 1-Test; depending on side-effects relative to benefit I might try it out sometime. It sounds pretty freaky to me right now.

1-Testosterone is available from one reputable company that I have used for the past year or so. They sell the powder for conversion, as well as an oral ready to use product. The site is ********kits

With harsher side effects usually come greater gains (but not always). Mag-10 is a terrific substance if you want to be super safe. Since the 1-Test in mag-10 isn’t alkylated at C-17A (it’s at C-17B instead) it ceases to be liver toxic. Potency, however, is equal to or less than “normal” 1-test. People who have been reporting gains on M-1-T are typically people who already have a few “real” cycles under their belt. This would make M-1-T quite impressive, as its allowing individuals who are close or even beyond their genetic potential to continue to add quality mass very quickly. As far as legalities go, it’s as legal as Mag-10 is. The 1-Test in mag-10 doesn’t convert to anything, so it’s not a prohormone. It operates in the same fashion as any estered steroid would (ester gets stripped before the steroid molecule is metabolized). I believe the only reason 1-Test remains legal is due to the fact that it is not specifically scheduled as a class III susbtance (but don’t quote me on this). Once the bill in congress passes though, this will be the first to go.

has anyone tried this since the life of this post has now been almost a month? seems pretty freaky for a legal?! REALLY want to try this, only concern is liver. ill probably throw some 4ad on it. might ease my itch since the situation im in wont allow me to use needles right now.

I’m currently testing it. I’m doing 5mg ED instead of the 10mg ED “standard.” Reason being is that I’m curious to know how low one can dose and still see good gains. I’ll let you guys know how it went after my two weeks is up.