Methyl 1-test

has anyone heard of or tried this yet? It’s an oral ph and some posts i’ve read about it on other boards, supposedly it’s pretty strong but the sides can get bad when taken at more than 10mg/day. I don’t know much about methyls, i remember someone saying 25mg methyl tren is made but nobody uses it b/c of how toxic it is(then why the hell would they even make it if there is no demand btw). Anyone hear about this yet?

Methyl-1-Test is NOT a prohormone! Seriously, it is sickly strong. Anabolically speaking, taking a measly 10mg per day is close to the potency of shooting up 900mg of test prop per week. This is nothing a newbie should ever consider using. You also mentioned methyl tren. If you aren’t extremely knowledgeable about steroids, physiology, etc, this is one word that should be erased from your vocabulary. 25mg of methyl tren would have at worst the anabolic potency of 300,000mg of test prop, and at best, have the anabolic potency of 750,000mg of test prop. Nothing to fool around with…

Are you fucking for real?

Well, I knew this would happen so I made sure I had my sources nice and ready.

Androgens and Anabolic Agents: Chemistry and Pharmacology

Julius A. Vida

It was written in 1969 and is currently very difficult to find a copy.

Page 78:
“17alpha-Methyl-17beta-hydroxy-estra-4,9,11-trien-3-one (Methyltrienolone N-99). In the course of a steroid total synthesis [293] this compound (Methyltrienolone, N-99) was prepared; it was reported [55] to possess 6000% of the androgenic (ventral prostate index), 7500% of the androgenic (seminal vesicles index), and 12,000% of the anabolic (levator ani index) activity of methyltestosterone. Later the anabolic activity was reported [74] to be 30,000% of that of methyltestosterone. As measured by multiple parameters, methyltrienolone turnoed out to be the most “hepatotoxic steroid,” causing biochemical symptoms of intrahepatic cholestasis [75]. It was also reported [74] to reduce the excretion of 17-keotsteroids and 17-hydroxycorticosteroids and to cause enhancement of the blood coagulation factors V, VII, and X. It also increases the prothrombin content of the plasma [74]”

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Here’s a nice little picture from the book.

Here’s another nice little picture, this time of Methyl-1-Test.

yeah I know about the risks involved, if you look i was in no way saying i was going to use either.

I have done 3 cycles of aas so I have a grasp on them in terms of what I can handle and I’ve handled tren with the only side being possible hair loss which sucks cuz i’m only 25, so it looks like no more tren for me.

And yes i’ve read the studies on methy1test already, seen it on other boards and they tend to call it a PH…btw i had posted this on the traning /nutrition board but it nevermade it up.

Anyway, methyl 1test does look strong as hell and for what i’ve seen the normal dose tends to be 10mg a day but some guys are taking 20. I personally would like to try this product but want to see some real world results before I end up doing something stupid b/c of the unknowns, ya know? being a guinea pig is great and all but taht wouldn’t be so fun to have to risk getting serious sides.

Macaijah, as far as the toxicity of Methyl 1-Test is it comparable to Anadrol, D-ball? Does it cause water retention? Could you use it every day for 4-6 weeks? How hard is it on the hair/liver/prostate and Proscar would probably not be effective, right? I believe there is a Meso Brand out there, know anything about it? Thanks bro.

I’d like to apologize if I came across as a tyrant. Chalk it up to male PMS (if there is such a thing) :o

Anyways, I need to make a correction:
The numbers given for methyltrienolone are accurate; however, my interpretation was incorrect. The normal value given for test prop or methyltest was actually 100, not 1. Therefore, methyltren is actually 60 - 75 times as androgenic and 120 - 300 times as anabolic. With this in mind, 25mg of methyltren would really be equal to shooting up 3000 - 7500 mg of test (anabolically speaking). That’s still freaky powerful. The numbers for methyl-1-test remain the same though.

I’m not sure why people on other boards consider it a prohormone. Prohormones are essentially precursor substances that convert via enzymatic pathways into the active substance. 1-AD is a prohormone–it converts into 1-testosterone. 1-testosterone in and of itsself is not a prohormone–it is in it’s active state. Methyl-1-test is not a prohormone–it’s in it’s active state.

Personally, I believe Methyl-1-test is one of the greatest steroids ever synthesized. It’s androgenic to anabolic ratio is far more favorable than most steroids, and it’s potency surpases the majority of them.

As far as dosing goes, 5 - 15mg per day would be my recommendations. 5mg is an excellent starting dose for newcomers whereas 15mg would be good for those beyond their genetic potential.

So far, side effects for most people seem to be whatever they experienced on 1-AD or mag-10, just amplified.

Toxicity is unknown at the moment. There is no mention of it in my little black book here, so the verdict is still up in the air whether or not it’s a liver annihilator. As far as cycle length goes, I really can’t make any recommendations as it’s entirely depentent upon it’s toxicity. Personally though, I’m in favor of the 2 weeks on, 4 weeks off cycle as this substance will shut you down very hard. Great gains (5 - 10 pounds) have been seen with short cycles like this and the shutdown is minimized. Also, it doesn’t aromatize so gyno and bloating aren’t an issue. It doesn’t cause hair loss either.

i agree if this is as strong of a compound as it is being touted that it shouldn’t be a PH but for now it’s legal so i’m guessing thats where the association comes in.

also, i would shy away from saying it won’t cause hairloss, b/c i was under the assumption that this line of PHs were more prone to that side effecct, i could (and probably am) be wrong on this.

I might go on with it at 5 then to 10 mg/day, people are running up to 20mg atleast what i have seen. I won’t start til i have nolva or clomid for recovery, and I’ll probably run it with something either dbol or 4ad…that is, after ive seen some real world liver results, and high BP on this might be a concerm for me too(although I’ve run tren for 6-8 weeks b4 w/no real issues).

People automatically think legal = prohormone. This is certainly not true in this case. It is a steroid to the fullest of the defenition.

From all the literature I’ve read on 1-Testosterone, I’ve seen no reason to believe it would cause hair loss.

Since you seem to have a few cycles under your belt already, you could probably get away with 10mg ED (rather than 5mg) and see some really good results. 20mg ED is overkill in my opinion. That would be anabolically equal to 1274 - 2240mg of methyltest per week (which is insane for non-pros). People get way too greedy when using this product.

I don’t think nolva would really be necessary if one were to use this compound alone, as it simply cannot amoratize. Depending on how long you’re on, clomid may or may not be necessary. People seem to be relatively safe if they keep the cycles to only 2 weeks. Longer than this however would certainly require clomid.

Because this compound is 17aa and it’s hepatotoxicity is yet undetermined, I would discourage the use of dbol. This compound, however, may prove as an invaluable way to “jumpstart” a longer cycle though.

Hypothetically speaking:
10mg ED M-1-T, weeks 1-4
75mg ED Tren, weeks 1-8
150mg EOD Test Prop, weeks 1-8

Since most people are experiencing roughly 10 pounds in a little less than two weeks, I can only imagine what extending it another two weeks and adding fina + test prop would do.

Great info. I know of one guy that is going to use 40-50 mg of Methyl 1-Test for 4-6 weeks. That is like 4500mg of Test Prop per week? How can you say it does not cause hair loss? Think I will be using 20mg daily for 4 weeks along with RSOC Turinabol and Mag-10. Opinions welcome.


I predict the guy will have to stop after two days as the side effects at even 20mg for most is almost unbearable. You’ve got to be a nut to try 50mg.

Hair loss is from DHT and their derivatives. M-1-T is in fact, not a DHT derivative. No hair loss. It is also 5alpha reduced: no gyno. It really is one of the best steroids available as far as side effects are concerned.

Drop the Mag-10 from the cycle. Mag-10 has 1-Test and will only compete with M-1-T (which will undoubetly win as it’s androgenic binding property is much higher). You’d be better suited to use something like 4-AD-EC. If you go beyond 2 weeks for you cycle, make abosulte sure you’ve got clomid, as the crash is going to be brutal.

50 mg/day!!! damn, he really needs to drop it or go put in an application for a new liver.

for real this stuff doesn’t seem like it needs to be taken at more than 20mg/day, i’d even think 10mg would be good even as a stand alone.

I think i’m gonna try it for a quick 2 weeker at that dose soon.

Thanks for the info bros.

So where does one get the shize?

Its easy to get, look on the net, but your in Canada so it will be harder for you because of customs.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ummmmmmmmmmm, couldnt you just take 1AD? Its 1testosterone right? lol

I cant find shit on any search engines about this stuff. Can someone point me in the right direction in a PM?