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Methyl 1-Test Survey


This thread is only for those that have used or are using Methyl 1-Test. Everybody has questions, so let's get some answers. So far, for those of you that have used M1T what is average amount of LBM gained in a week?? How much strength gains and what androgen would YOU compare it to??? What side effects did you personally notice?? Is it worth the price?? I have not got a chance to really look into the compound too much. If you have a link to a legit brand, please PM me


The most significant gains seem to come in the first week (plus a few days). In 7 days, I was up 8 pounds with zero fat gain (and this was without training legs either due to knee injury). Strength gains came later but were significant. At the end of week 2, my bench was up about 30 pounds and my other lifts significantly increased as well. I believe this androgen can be compared qualitively to tren, though much faster acting. Initially, the side effects were lethargy and appetite suppression. Toward the end of the cycle though, the lethargy dissapeared and the appetite suppression wasn't as severe. I believe this compound to be the "king" of all orals in regards to potency and side effects (obviously methyltrienolone is the strongest but quite dangerous). I don't believe it replaces the popular tren+test stack, but I do think M-1-T could be an extremely valuable addition (weeks 1-4 perhaps). By itsself, the androgen has proved very impressive--I can only imagine what it would do when stacked.


I don't want to over-hype M1T and have everybody run out and by it, but after only day 4 Ia very impressed. So impressed, that it is making me a little nervous. I agree w/ Mac's post above in that this is the most potent legal supplement ever. Ever. I have only 2 cycles done: 1) being a Tren/Dbol cycle & 2) Mag-10 double dosing ed w/100mg of oral Winny ed. So my "list of comparisons" is short. However, it feels similar to tren in that you feel 'hard' and strong. Real strong. It is a little rough on the stomach for the first hour or so. However, I am eating a ton of protein which has largely come from cottage cheese and I am lactose sensitive. Some bloat, nonetheless. However, I am a little worried over the liver issues and that I am taking 20mg ed. (I'm taking milk thistle like its my job!) Mac stated that he got good results off of 5mg ed. A guy on another board recommended 30 to 40mg after his experience w/ 10mg ed. So, I decided to try 20mg ed for 2 weeks then reevaluate at that point. Right now I am questioning if I should drop to 15 or 10mg when I hit the 1 week mark. The M1T kind of leaves me 'hot' in the gut area, but then again it could be the amount of cottage cheese. I am going to reevaluate at the 1 week mark and make some dietary changes, so I will keep you posted. Tren, thanks for starting this post it is good to share info.


got mine in the mail. Do not want to sound too stupid by saying this but I took one just to see if I would feel anything. I did feel a definite difference and change in my attitude. I was definately more aggressive during the day, had a hell of alot more energy. This is the real deal I would have to say. I am going to set a a cycle of this soon and when I do I will be more than happy to share the info here but just taking the one pill was enough for me to know that this is not a toy. Go ahead and call me crazy if you want. Tren, PM me I got something for ya, feeling like a Guinea Pig buddy?


Lets say hypothetically that someone could make 1-dehydroandrostanolone-17-cypionate (1-testosterone). And lets say it was dosed 100mg/ml in a 10ml vial... From what we know about this compound how would you determine proper dosing? If this product turns out to be very effective as a muscle builder, not to mention that it does not aromatize or 5alpha reduce, we could very well have a winner on our hands. Is it just me or is anyone else excited about the possibilities that this could be? Can the veterans who have much more knowledge on these matters please comment on this?


Hypothetically, 600 mgs a week is what some people might use. since the halflife is about 4 days 3x's a week is ideal.


Lots of people are injecting 1-test cyp. It's readily available to purchase in bulk. The half-life of 1-test cyp is quite a bit shorter than test cyp. I believe it has something to do with polarity (which affects its solubility in oil). The half-life is more like test prop. Vida's chart shows 1-test is roughly 1x androgenic and 2x anabolic as test prop. So theoretically speaking, injectable 1-test cyp 350mg/week would be equal to injectable test prop 700mg/week. From the reports I've seen, people have been getting some pretty impressive gains from this. Since 1-test is so similar to tren qualitively speaking, I would personally go with tren.


I've spoken to someone using inject. 1-test at 600 mgs a week after trying 300, and said he didn't notice much until he switched. BTW isn't this the same thing as the m-1-t that Macaijah was taking 5 mg of per day just an injectable form?


same drug but the injectable kind is w/out the 17aa problems


I wanted to post my results after one week of using M1T @ 20mg ed. I have been taking 10mg @ 6:00am and another 10mg @ 4:00pm. Starting weight 173lbs @ 12%bf. I have been taking in approximately 500 to 700 calories over maintenance. Protein in the range of 250g or better ed. Today, on day 7, I weighed in @ 180lbs w/ 11%bf. I experienced significant weight increase in every lift. Back is noticeably thicker. I am still a little hesitant about this drug b/c it is so effective. 7lbs in one week is kind of incredible. While I am not totally shocked as I was holding more muscle last winter, I am shocked in regards to the short span of time. I ended up running a lot of long distances this summer which caused me to drop to 168lbs, the lowest I?ve been in 4 years, so it might be ?old? muscle. However, at the current 180lb I am just as strong if not stronger than when I was at almost 200lbs last winter. If I were dumber I would love to see what stacking Dbol would feel like with the 1test. Nonetheless, I am going to drop the dosage to 10mg ed. Maybe I am a pussy, but 20mg ed seems a bit much. I am going to proceed w/ 10mg ed for another week, then reassess.


hey guys i just wanted to tell you guys a about a hidden side i found tonight as i am on day 2 of a 4 week cycle i am doing of 20 mg m-1-t and test and tonight i ate some subway at around 730- tonight at work came home at 9:00 and took my m-1t and that was the first time i had taken it with out food and i got so nausea that at around 11 tonight after eating my pre bed pb&j and protien i puked my fucking brains out....so i have to say TAKE M-1T WITH FOOD IT IS NOT FUN TO PUKE LIKE I JUST DID..i feel much better now and was able to re-eat after a shower..other than this i have some mild sides of being thirsty as fuck, and lethargic...hopeing to see some good strength gains from this stuff...big martin


Okay, so how about a 4 week cycle of M-1-T with EQ injection the first week to boost appetite and enhance collagen synthesis through the cycle. Then do some Primobolan week 2 and Anavar the last two weeks & Clomid and methoxy post. (Adex throughout.)

Oh yeah, and how come Biotest doesn't have a M-1-T??? Tim, Cy?


I'd guess it's because of the liver toxicicity issues.

Hey warhorse do you think 200 mg of EQ is enough to elicit the voracious hunger that I know and love? If so would a frontload of 400 mg's still be a good idea?



I was going to run it in my next stack at 200, but if I only did the one shot as described above I might go higher. I don't see anything wrong with 400.


So 400 mg's of eq in the first week and that it on the eq? If that's what you are saying I'm kinda skeptical if that would even do anything.


If you can get get a hold some EQ, I would definately recommend using it during an M-1-T cycle.

To address Wideguy's previous question: 17alpha-alkylated androgens tend to be quite a bit stronger than their un-alkylated counterparts. I believe the reason for this is due to the fact that the entire three dimensional structure changes, meaning it interacts with the DNA differently. One should not confuse the alkyl group at 17a with esters at 17b--they are not the same thing. In Vida's book, 1-Test is roughly 2x as anabolic as test, whereas Methyl-1-Test is 16x as anabolic as test; hence, the general trend in lower dosing protocols for 17aa androgens.


EQ is active for 2-3 weeks, so you'd be hungry for that long IMO. I guess you could do it for two weeks, but my goal would be to have all my drugs exit the stage simultaneously -- that way recovery can start. BTW, 1 shot of 400mgs is more than they'd give you in an HRT program, it'll work. I think you're just looking for an excuse to do more EQ.

I really wish they made a Boldenone Enanthate.


Mac, so how would you go about comparing M1T to a test shot? I mean what would a 10mg dosing be equivilent to in terms of test? Can we even compare it to test? Maybe tren?




Could d-bol have any plave in this stack? Pointless/hepatoxicity danger to high?