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Methyl 1-Test/4-AD Stack?

Hello everyone at T-Nation, after reading many posts on this site and doing a bunch of research i finally decided to join and post some things myself. I have been training for over a year now and i am officially an addict. Here are my stats from before i started weight training and stats from present day.

Before- Height 6’2" Weight 240 bench max 135 Present day Height 6’2" Weight 191 bench max 215 i know it is rather vague but that just gives you an idea of how fat i was before and how much i have leaned out while still gaining strength. I now work out 6 days a week, i have taken your standard creatines and NO boosters and i am looking for a supplement that actually works fast for solid gains.

By the way i am 19 years old. I am not ready by any means to take an illegal steroid but i have been looking into PHs for a long time. I never bought them before they were banned because i wanted to have a good workout/nutrition regimen before i got into supplements like these.

Well i have gotten my hands on some Methyl 1-test and some 4-AD. What i am worried about is my PCT, what have you guys done as far as cycling/post cycle recovery? Also what type of side effects should i expect and how can i counteract them?

what type of strength gains can be expected combined with a good diet? Im about 8% body fat now, i take in around 3000 calories a day and my protein intake is around 1g/lb of body weight daily

i never took them together, however; i did just end a methyl 1-test cycle. it lasted about four weeks and i pyramided up to 20 mg daily and then tapered back down. for pct with prohormones, i feel that 6-oxo is plenty. after the final day of methyl-1, take 60 mg of 6-oxo (3 divided doses) for about 2 weeks, and then another week or two at 30mg. i had a 10 percent strengh increase on all my lifts and have still managed to keep then, and i’m not taking the 6-oxo anymore either. back to simple whey and creatine.

oh yeah, side effects were i couldn’t sleep very well and it actually suppressed my appetite.

I’ve heard M1T is some pretty wickedly potent stuff(insane lower back pumps, upset stomach, restless sleep,etc). I know if you search the threads there are quit a few topics about different protocols for it. I don’t know that I’d stack the two together because I don’t believe they aer synergistic. I’d use the m1t for 4weeks or however you plan your cycle to be then follow up with PCT. I’ve used 4-ad-ec for 12weeks before until I felt the effects of suppression. PCT only lasted 3weeks.

Good luck with whatever you do. Diet was the most important component of the cycle though!

Hey bro, M1T is an actual steroid. It does not require conversion, therefore making it an actual oral AAS.

In that line of logic, OTC supps like 6-OXO and the like are not satisfactory to use for PCT.

M1T has some severe sides that come with it. I would get stomach discomfort and insomnia with cold sweats at night. I used to get headaches, major lethargy and back pumps that crippled me in the gym. I would have to lie down for 20 minutes after squats or deads. It was excruciating.

Anyhoo, nice job so far with your body recompositioning. 6 days a week is a lot in my opinion, you may see better strength/mass gains if you allowed more than one day off a week, IMHO.

If you’ve been only seriously training for 1 year, and you’re 19, I’d lay off the idea of using PH’s or AAS for a while, but that’s just my opinion.

If you do end up taking the M1T now, try to source some Nolva and Clomid for PCT. At the very least, get the Nolva in case sides come up (nipple swelling, pain) as gyno started to surface it’s bitch ass head when i was running it, all 4 times. I prefer Clomid to Nolva for PCT as I personally feel it is superior in regards to it’s documented stronger effects on the HPTA.

Peace little bro, good luck with whatever you choose.

Should i pick up some 6-oxo now and just take it on cycle to prevent the effects of estrogen (gyno, water retention) also when you speak of nolvadex and clomid, i thought both were prescription drugs used for women to control their cycles? Are we on the same page here? I figured some 6-oxo and some ZMA would be good enough for PCT but if you guys have a recomendation of exactly what to take on cycle or post cycle i would appreciate it greatly

do a little more research on methyl 1 test.

and if you feel comfortable with that newly acquired information: for a four week cycle.

days 1-3: 5 mg 1-test
days 4-6: 10 mg 1-test
days 7-9: 15 mg 1-test
days 10-24: 20 mg 1-test
days 25-27: 15 mg 1-test
days 28-30: 10 mg 1-test
days 31-33: 5 mg 1-test. end.
days 31-41: 60 mg 6-oxo. 2-3 divided doses.

you could actually just keep on the 6-oxo…but that get’s expensive.

days 42-52: 30 mg 6-oxo.

that’s just one of my cycles. i ate and kept my gains. but you may wish to do more research if you’re not comfortable. but to me, bodybuilding is just one big experiment, so give it a shot if you feel comfortable with the info you’ve gathered…if not, then don’t do it and be safe and smart.

well i started taking M1T on Sunday, in 4 days ive gained 10 pounds while eating upwards of 4000 calories a day. Im taking 20mg ED of the m1t and im taking methyl 4AD at 40 mg ED, ive had no lethargy but i am definately feeling other sides such as upset stomach, back pain, and insomnia. When i get in the gym i feel very strong, i get awesome pumps and i can do more reps to failure at any given exercise so far. Do these effects begin to taper off or will i just keep making gains? I am cycling the m1t/4AD for 30 days and then i will take 6 oxo for PCT.

the amount of taper depends. if you taper your cycle, then your body will adapt to the lower amount of the drugs and your strengh loss may be very slow and barely noticeable (like 2 or 3 reps here or there)…as long as you come off properly and take your pct properly, your gain loss will be minimal.