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Methyl 1-P?


Well, I was thinking about trying some methyl 1-P and was just wondering if anyone has tryed it and if it worked for them or if anyone though it would be worth buying. .

Ive tryed some stuff from nutrix that was along the same line, but, didnt care for it to much. Ive done some reasearch on the internet about the 1-P. But, all I could really find was the reviews from the company. And of course there gonna hype up there own product.

I only found one that had a user review. And he said it worked but made his nipples bigger. Thats gotta suck.

So if anyone knows about this or has tryed it and liked it or didnt like it please let me know. Thanks in advance.



Hey buddy, im taking that right now. i am stacking it with Methyl MM, so far I haven't really been able to tell a differience in strangth, but its also day 3, and I only take 1 pill of each. I will keep u posted. but I do have alot more engergy during the day and have dome some impressive things at the gym so i guess it will start working soon


Sorry for not responding sooner. Ive been on leave and this is the first time ive gotten around a computer. But, thanks for the info. Any imput you can give will be great. I havent went and got it just yet. I wanted to do a little more research on it before it got it.

I took some stuff from legal gear before the ban and it worked great. But, it was the pheramone. (I think thats how you spell that) I just dont know how this will work. But, keep me posted. And Thanks.


I tried M1-P a few months after I finished my cycle of M1-T. I didn't see any size or strength gains while on it.


No gains huh. That sux. Ive talked to a guy that I work with, and he said it gave him a pretty bad headache and made him feel a little jittery. But, it did give him a little size and strength when he was on it. He said he took 6 capsules spread out over the day.

Thanks for the input. It seems from the people Ive talked to that have taken it, it has worked for some and not really did anything for the others.

Keep all the input coming guy's. I want to be sure of what Im getting before I spend my money on it. Im still on the fence on if I will get it or not.



I think I took 3 capsules per day. Of course, I did just come off the M1T, so maybe I would have lost my gains from that if I had not taken the P. If you gain off of it, let me know. I'd certainly be interested.


Well, after about a hour of reading reviews last night, from a few different bodybuilding sites. I think I will go ahead and get it. I found more good about it than bad. It seems for the most part people got some pretty good gains from it.

The side effects that were listed are pretty much the same. Small headache, and a little jittery and some backne. The only thing that I am taking right now is creatin,NO-Explode,and protein. So I will be able to notice any of the sides. I really dont have anything to loose from giving it a try other than money.(79.00 for 2 bottles) And if it doesnt work it wont be the first time Ive bought something and it not work.

Like you, the guys that gave it bad reviews had just came off of something a little stronger. Not all of them, but most. I havent taken any Pheromones since I ran out after the ban back in March of 05 So I will give it a shot and see what happens. Ill let you know if it does anything for me.
Ill go get it and start in the morning.