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Methyl 1-d


whats up guys? I just ordered a bottle of methyl 1-d for very cheap. i was wondering if someone could give me some good info about this. what are some results i should be seeing and stuff like that. i'll only be taking a 4 week cycle of it and thats it after that cycle. no more ph's after that


Take as much of it as you want. Its not methylated due to FDA probably banning earlier compounds marketed under the same or similar name. Its not going to be mind boggling and might not even be noticeable at all - I think its simply a DHEA and a over the counter AI, if i recall correctly.

I'd say just eating more and training harder for 4 weeks will get you better results.


what kind of gains can i expect while on it?


Next to nothing, especially if you are a healthy younger male. Again, up your calories 1000 per day and lift heavier and you'll gain more than using that. It won't hurt you or your gains, but don't expect to see anything crazy.


well thats upsetting.. what does it do then??


It will increase the amount of DHEA in your body which I believe converts to testosterone a couple steps down the line, but not in any dramatic way, especially as a young male with perfectly normal and high DHEA levels. And then the over the counter aromatase inhibitor might slightly lower estrogen conversion from existing testosterone in your body, but again not dramatically. Like I said, it might help a little, but nothing terribly noticeable.