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Methyl 1-D, Does It Shut You Down?

  OK, so I just finished a prety bogus steroid cycle about 8 weeks ago. To busy with work and didn't eat or workout good enough. I am starting up a new business, am 25 years old and decided I'm done with steroids. It's natural for now on.

So I just got some good creatine (Vitargo CGL) and some Lipo-6 fat burner and am just going to work out hard and eat right. 

So anyways, I have a credit at the vitamin store and this kid sells me on This Methyl 1-D by LG Sciences. But before I even open it I want to do some research cuz I don't know if I want to take it.

I this one of those things like Superdrol or Paraphlex that are almost worse for you than real roids? Does this shut down my natural testoserone? Considering I just re-vamped it finally after all my PCT and 8 weeks of recovery, I really don't want to shut it down again, just yet atleast.   

Please tell me a little about this product if you know it. The kid at the store said he felt no side effects what-so-ever on it, and had no crash when he got off. Thanks bros...FLU


Methyl 1-D is NOT like Masterdrol, SD, Phera...Methy 1-d Is Herbal garbage. I believe its an ATD with DHEA....GARBOGEE my friend.


Agreed its pure crap.
I believe its only milk thistle, ATP and DHEA what a waste.

Most of those online steroid alternatives are garbage.


Well I got it basically for free, so it couldn't hurt to give it a try I guess just to see if it even does anything.

My main question is will it shut me down or hinder any natural test production? Because it says to use some fake clomid type shit afterwards for PCT.

I appriciate the comments guys, as I would have checked here b4 I ever bought it, but since I already have it and it was basically free, screw letting it go to waste right? But I don't want to use it if it will shut me down at all.


No. No shut-down. Honestly, you'd be better off getting protein, BCAA or something of that nature with that credit. Taking Methyl 1-d would have the same effect as taking nothing. You be the judge......


Fuck it bro, take it and see what happens. You might be surprised


It won't be nearly as much as what would happen if he returned it and bout some BCAA's and some protein powder. Assuming he's not already using them.


dude, what are talking about. Methyl 1-d works really well. I have been on cycle with it on and off for at least 6 months. My first cycle I gained 14 lbs in 3 weeks. I lost 2 lbs in post though. Anyhoww, if it's crap, must be my body is crap, cause it works for me. I bought mine from www.discountanabolics.com they have good deals for not so hardcore. I just will never juice, cause I like my nuts too much. Good luck


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Dude, not so smart are you.
Yeah...Ok..Let me " rep " my other faves too.

BSN No Explode - kicks ass.
gaspari - halodrol - kicks a ton of ass too.

I must work for all of those people!!!!
stupid online people.

Why don't you come off the juice, before you post, playa

the reason i mentioned discount anabolics, cause they give you freakin sweet deals, and the prices are the best I've found on line.


I am a power lifter and I recently came off a 6 week cycle of Methyl-1D, Using both visual and performance based criteria to judge my results this product flat out DOES NOT WORK. I did not gain weight, my body fat did not decrease and my lifts did not increase any more than they usually do based on my usual training and eating.

All the sales BS they said would happen did not happen. I felt nothing during the time I was on this product. I went back to taking regular old monohydrate creatine and hit a 25 # PR on my 3board within 2 weeks. So long story short save your money and don't be fooled by the fools.


Yeah! Come off the juice before you post in a steroid forum! But, but, the ads say Methyl 1-d will give me 14 lbs in 3 weeks, so it has to work really well! Damn, I keep wastin' my money and time on Norma Deca, Schering Primo, Organon Sus, and Galenika Test Enanthate! Stupid me, and you too Bushi! That juice is a waste of our money! Oh well, the one good thing this ass mentioned was the No-Xplode, other than that.... I will shut up now and let my bruthas take over


One more thing, Shermy has a total of 2 posts on this website, AND WE'RE THE STUPID ONES! In the words of Lil John,"OOOOKKKAAAYYYY!"


I have been taking methyl 1-D for a couple weeks now, and have had about 4 compliments from my friends saying, "are u on steroids?" so yah i think its working...it made me a little bigger, but the key is it made me stronger....if you work during the day , do it like me...take 2 pills around 4pm...go lift...take two more before bed..u will get jacked...peace


Another shameless false promotion.



I just received mine in the mail! Can 't wait to get hyooge...' That was truly a shameless rep... Just take ZMA and tribulus, that will get you jacked... buahahaha.


guys i wasnt kidding nor was i trying to sell shit..im just a normal guy who is trying to help a fellow weight trainer...fuck all that shit...try it out man lemme know what u think..just make sure u get on an estrogen blocker like formadrol for post cycle..


Yeah, bros!

I just tried this stuff myself a couple decades and a half ago. Dude! Seriously! I went from 5.7lbs to 194 pounds! You guys gotta try this.


ROFL...Oh, my ribs hurt! Good1...


that is hilarious, fuckin nut