Methoxyisoflavone and Ecdysterone

I am an 18 year old wondering about these two supplements Methoxyisoflavone and Ecdysterone, and I just want to know if anyone here has ever taken them and if they are even worth the money.

Yo Porkchop methoxyisoflavone better known as methoxy certainly works and Biotest used to make it. They are comming out with a better version of it. As far as Ecdysterone it is a worthless supplement it DOESN’T work and may I also suggest that you do a search because the answer to your question is on this web site.

I used this combo as available in E.A.S. protien mix.I realy didn’t notice ant results. The amounts available in that formula were probably not even worth taking. I have gotten much better rusults from focusing more on my workout regimen. At 18yrs. old you should be pruducing enough of your own T and GH to build realy well anyhow. I would look deeper into diet and training before considering supps. At 32yrs. old I just tried Tribex for the first time and got great results.Put on 6 solid pounds and kept it. That stuff is worth looking into. Good Luck!

I have way too much whey right now to want to get a Methoxy infused (is that right) whey. I’m talking about the supplement itself. Unfortunatley, Biotest doesn’t make it anymore, so I was wondering if there is any brand of Methoxy that is comparable.

The reason why I want to take it is that I’ve kind of hit a platueu. I’ve started watching my diet, and am taking in around 3500 calories a day, and I’m on OVT. I just figured that perhaps Methoxy, since it is like an andro, but is not (and therefore is safe for an 19 year old) might be worth a try

Biotest’s Methoxy-7 actually contained 7-Hydroxy EC and I haven’t seen this in any other products.

Hey, there porkchop. Hang tough. Biotest will be releasing an enhanced version before too much longer. (crossing fingers) I’m waiting impatiently myself.

However, I gather from your post that you’re trying to put on weight. Methoxy isn’t going to do the job in that regard that optimizing your diet will. You’ve got to get the diet dialed in. OVT is an awesome program, so you do have that going for you.

How much do you weigh and how much protein are you taking in per day? Also, how active are you during the course of your day?

If you get me a little more information about your diet, I’d be glad to share my thoughts.


Be patient. Have you implemented any of the changes we discussed in your previous thread yet?

Because even if you HAVE…its still too soon to judge if its working.

You don’t need Methoxy or Ecdysterone.