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Hey since i cant get Mag10, is Methoxy the next best thing? Does it actually work like it says? I read it helps you lose fat at the same time as gaining muscle. Was this the case for anyone here?

I would say: 1.Mag10 2.Androsol 3.Methoxy or Tribex. Depending on your test levels, it could go either way between the #3’s.

Has anyone actually got the results they were after. I always hear that people can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. The Biotest site says you can with Methoxy7

I think it’s great for cutting up. It’s not a thermogenic itself but it really helps you hang on to muscle while losing fat. I also like to use it between cycles of Androsol or MAG-10 ro preserve gains. Works well for men and women seem to really explode on it and get that “hardening” effect.