Methoxy7 Sale

T-Mag, Just curious why you guys aren’t running the sale on Methoxy? Biotest is going to continue to make it right? I guess I can go elsewhere to get it if I have to. Thanks.

A little bird told me Methoxy-7 is being improved upon and the current formulation is out of stock.

You can probably find it at places like netrition though.

Or if you’d prefer to use another brand be sure to use half a bottle to equal one dose of Methoxy-7 (or something like that.)

If I hear anything about Methoxy-7 I’ll pass it along here.

I absolutely love Methoxy7!! It is the best supplement I personally have ever tried. To hear that Biotest may be improving on it is very exciting! I am assuming they may be putting it in capsule form like they did with Mag-10? Anyway, that is awesome and I can’t wait til it comes out. Any idea when that might be? I don’t want to stock up on the old version if it is coming out soon. Further more I like buying things through T-Mag because of all the great work you guys do. Keep it up!!

Hopefully,capsules are coming soon. I emailed customer service about this 2 weeks ago.

It will be hard to stock up though, netrition is out as well.

Need the new and improved soon.

What do you need methoxy capsules for? It didnt taste like crap like Mag-10 did haha!

Does anyone know what ‘lot 630’ on the bottle means? Is this the newest Methoxy that is on the market? I know Biotest has come out with two liquid versions so far, and I want to make sure I get the most recent. Thanks a lot.

Yeah I really like the taste.

Why do I love Biotest and the T-Mag Staff (especially Chris Shugart)?

They are constantly improving there products (that actually work), and the keep us informed of that progress. Keep up the great work!

An improved Methoxy 7 would be simply amazing. I hope that they to the same as they did with Mag-10 Microemulstion and stuff. I have used Methoxy 7 quite a few times and it always works great.