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Hi im 19 years old 5’8 160 10 % body fat. Im wondering what the effects of methoxy would be in a cutting phase to get down to around 8 or 7%. Being a natural lifter would methoxy help me keep muscle mass? If so to what degree? Also is there any use in using methoxy in a bulking cycle.
Thanks in advance

Yeah, methoxy is lipogenic. works to gain/preserve muscle and lose fat.

would it be effective for a 19 year old? how much do u take a day? how long do u stay on?

A perfect choice for your age. I tried it about at 19 and had awesome results. It has a strong effect on overall body composition and packs on some mass. But it takes some time as well. About 8-10 weeks is optimal in my opinion. If your anting to cut up, I’d throw in two bottles of T2-Pro as well. Though it would work in a mass phase, I would tend to go w/ mag10 or 4ad instead. Good luck buddy.

Thanks for your adice poohbaya ill give it a shot with the t2.
Thanks again

poohbaya…how old were u when u started mag-10?