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methoxy use

i am about to start taking methoxy 7 at double dose, i am wandering when is the best time to use methoxy 7 as far as training, and nutrition? should i lift heavy/ light?? massive eat or diet?? is there any one that is better than the other.


I’ve been taking my first Double D of Methoxy at around 6-7AM, around breakfast for me. Then second dose at around 2-3PM (8-10 hours later) - this is also my “snack” time. If you read the bottle, it says to time your dosages 8-10 hours apart.

As for diet, haven't cut calories, although as of today, beer intake will be dropped (a bit).

I should say it depends upon the goals you have. If you need to lean up, then do what's necessary for you to do so; gain LBM, then do that. My training hasn't changed either. But that was one of the requests for the Methoxy Test. Not to perform any drastic changes to diet, supplementation and routine.

Patricia is right. Follow a plan and Methoxy will do it’s job. In my opinion though, it’s a better leaner than bulker.

How long does a bottle of Methoxy last when double dosing? Cheapest place that I have found to buy Methoxy here in Canada is from an online store so I want to make that I order enough product.