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Methoxy TST


I have two bottles of the old Bioscience Technologies Methoxy TST.

17b Methoxy-Trienosterone.

Google does a fine job on people saying they do not know what is truly in it.

Has any body ever taken it before?

I have 180 capsules of it..2mg each. Would hate to waste a prohormone.


I think its a waste to begin with.

Why do you have it if you don’t even know what it is?


A coworker gave me it, having been a long time user of havoc and superdrol.


Sounds imprudent…use real aas


It’s probably nothing.

You are right though, there is a surprising amount of useless threads and information about it on the internet. Why does no one know what this is? I even found a chemist that extracted the product from the capsules and said he wasn’t even sure what it was. I’d say… give it back to your coworker and get some test


Sources are far and few. I am just going to throw them away. Besides, one bottle doesn’t even have an expiration date. The other does… shady.