Methoxy Test

has anyone in here signed up to be a part of the methoxy test by Bill Roberts, if so where can i go to sign up. Or will it be posted soon. let me know

I think the whole idea is still in the works, we’ll probably hear officialy from T-mag this Friday or next. Just assuming though.

There’s a big thread about this already, so I’d get your name in there. Oh, and I’m pretty sure they won’t pick you unless you’re signed up as a T-man. (It’s free.)

oh dont worry im a t-man even went vip cuz i love the paper issue and all the stuff i got with the subscription…i also put my name in the large post, but wanted to start this one to see if anyone had more info.

There will be a webpage put up, which I heard
is going to happen shortly. I hope it will be this week because I’d like it to get started also!

Bill, would adding your name to the huge thread make a difference wether you are selected or not? Thanks.

Hey Bill, I also didnt get much out of the first Methoxy 7 could you please include me into the methoxy only group im using meltdown 2 and t-dawg so i might be able to give a different vantage point as to what type of training and diet to use with methoxy 7, could you please count me in. Pugs