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methoxy stack

I have just received a methoxy stack and I am going to begin taking it, but I was wondering about when to start taking it. The reason is that I am going away from August 2-6 and 8-13 or so, thus I won’t really be able to work out during those times except pushups, situps, and other bodyweight type things. Basically, if I begin the stack now, since it is a 3 week stack, I will use it for a week before I leave and then those two weeks. Or, I could start using it during those 2 weeks, or I could use it for a week before and finish afterwards. What would you guys suggest?

I think what I will do is wait until I get back and use it then. The only reasons I was hesitating is that I go back to college mid cycle, and I wanted to finish before I left. I can’t really think of a good reason for that though…

why don’t you just wait until you are done traveling?