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Methoxy or Tribex

Quick question: Because of financial limits I have to choose between using Androsol + Tribex or Androsol + Methoxy , which one would produce the best results?
By the way, I’m 23 and I have never used any sort of prohormone or anything.

I’d go with the tribex & androsol…Biotest actually recommends this one because the tribex will help your body’s T production after your cycle of androsol is done.

So go with Tribex during and after the Androsol cycle, or just after, or before and after, but not during? I have read many strategies on this site, not sure which one to go with.

Check out the current “Behind the Scenes” column (issue 120) at T-mag. Patterson suggest a stack of Androsol and Tribex that he’s written about before. It’s the stack I use and it’s very effective.

As for Methoxy-7, I like it when cutting up. Seems to help spare lean tissue during a diet.

OK I got my Androsol and Tribex in today. However I didn’t even think that the Tribex will only last 15 days. I can’t very well use it the way that was described by TC with only 90 caps. How do I need to go about this? I’ve got one bottle of Androsol and one of Tribex. Should I wait, and save some extra money, and buy more Tribex before embarking upon the cycle? Or just modify it? Any help would be really appreciated!

Use the methoxy stack; its an incredible mass builder.

Well, Meth is out of the question I already got the Tribex and Androsol in.
Any ideas on how to use the Tribex in conjuction when I only have 1 bottle?