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methoxy or mag-10

I am a personal trainer and I get a lot of use out of this site. My clients always ask me about what supplements are good and I really don’t know because I haven’t tried many. I have a client that cannot afford much and he is not able to eat as much as he should, what is the best bang for the buck to add lean mass? Should he take mag-10 or methoxy since he cannot eat massive amounts of calories?

Maybe he needs to use “food” type supplements to improve his diet. I’d put him on Grow to get his diet taken care of first.


no supplement will make up for a shitty diet. if hes trying to gain muscle he won’t even succeed with the mag10 if he isn’t eating “massive amounts of calories”.

Nic nailed that down.

Maybe I’m missing something here…but your client can’t afford sufficient food, yet he can afford Mag-10? Where the hell does he buy his food at? The best supplement is FOOD, BAR NONE.