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Methoxy ,is it worth it?

I usually take a couple of metrx’s and creatine . I want to harden up a little will Methoxy supplements help ? Anyone use it?

I am participating in the Methoxy test right now(along with several other people on this forum) and have been taking a good amount of methoxy for 3 1/2 weeks now. I cannot say anything definitive yet. But, I am starting to notice a hardening effect, and better pumps. I cannot say that I recommend it yet, but should be able to let the forum know in another 3 weeks.

Mike Mahler

Yes. It takes a while. It also helps to watch your diet as Methoxy is not the cure-all for poor eating habits.

Yeah it is worth it I am just finishing up some it is great

IM slowly cutting calories to get down a bit and havent tried any new supplements in a while and this one just looked good to me . I just bought some for the heck of it . Thanks for the replies.

I’ve used it before and it seemed to help me get down to 8% body fat, which is real low for me. I’m going to use it again when I get under 10%.