methoxy info and help

OK guys I know methoxy is not a steriod but, I also figured the guys reading this forum would know if the stuff really works or not.
I have done a search and found nothing so now I am looking to you all for some answers.
I want to know if the stuff works, which brand is the best, and how much should I take if it does work.
Thanks for the help. All info is much appreciated.

I’ve used Methoxy post cycle and it seemed to really help me hang onto gains. I have never used it on it’s own however.

Try it, let us know.

Never used it by itself so I couldn’t say for sure… I think it is one of those compounds that helps with nitrogeon retention and body fat reduction, so long as you have the anabolic suppport via natural or synthetic means. If you are natural and looking for a boost but have reached your genetic ceiling, don’t count on this being your sollution. If you have not reached your genetic ceiling however, I think this will work for you. I have used this on cycles and I am pretty confident that it helped… It would be great for a cutting cycle and I can hardly wait to try the new Methoxy when it becomes available

Biotest methoxy is awsome. The first time I used it was for around six weeks and gained ten pounds, and the second time was around four weeks and I gained around seven pounds. Calories weren’t particulaly high just lots of protein-250g+ per day( I weighed 175 lbs at the time). I got leaner too, not shredded but i could tell visually that my body fat was down. I’ve never done roids so I can’t compare it with them. I did try Nandrasol( using the highest dose) a couple of years back and gained seven pounds in two weeks.I found Methoxy about 50% as effective as Nandrasol.If you’re going to use Methoxy stick with Biotests brand at least you know what you’re getting.