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Methoxy - If you win

Just curious what people plan to do if they win the Methoxy test. What diet and work-out you are planning. I already have three bottles on ordered (Will have Friday) and try to plan my own test. I just got of a heavy Mag-10 cycle and was thinking of doing the German Volumne Training, I am currently on the T-Dawg Diet for three weeks. Then not sure what to do next. Hopefully mass eating because I hate low carb diets.

By the way I put on 12 pounds in 4 weeks on the Mag-10 Cycle. Not great but I was sick a full weak with the flu. So all in all I am happy with the results.

Starting Renegade Training once again next week. Plan on stripping fat and packing on more muscle in the process.

Whether I win or not I will continue on with my Phase 1 - Level 2 Renegade Training. My diet has been a modified Massive Eating diet and will continue to be.

I’m not going to do anything radical with my diet. I will be training harder (boxing and weights), though. AND I also plan on doing something that I HATE to do: keep a journal and record my gains.

I’m starting EDT on november 17th combined with massive eating. If I don’t win the methoxy I’m going to use MAg 10. If I win the methoxy, i’ll save the mag 10 for another time.

I’ll use the M-7 to cut for 6 weeks (around 2800-3200kcal/day) using massive eating as guidelines. I’ll also bump my level of DHA/EPA to 8.5g/day. As for training, I’ll use a combo of GBC/EDT. After that 6 weeks of isocaloric diet (around 3400-3600kcal/day).


Last night, I had a dream that I’d won. I was on cloud nine. Then I found out my ex-girlfriend was dating Angel, and decided to cheat with me because I wasn’t threatening to him … weird.

I’m currently on a power/maintenance program while trying to diet off some fat. Think olympic lifts mixed with Joel’s RR&D program. Unfortunately, the weight isn’t really coming off, but the fat sure is. If I win, I’ll stay on that.


I guess I should have been more specific: Renegade Training, definitely.

El: your girl was cheating on you with Angel? I know it was a dream, but...huh?

The plan is to continue (regardless of winning or not) with the current bulking phase that I am currently engaged in. I have 2 weeks left with tribex 500/M in my 8 week Mag 10 cycle (massive eating too). This cycle has been very productive as I have gained 19 pounds in 6 weeks (minimal fat, really). After that is completed I would like to begin with the Methoxy 7 dosing for a 10-12 week period. The massive eating program will continue during the Methoxy period as well.

You must be taking ZMA, right?

No, no, no … my EX-girlfriend was dating Angel and was cheating on him with ME ('cause she had no long-term intentions toward me). In real life I have a lot of female friends that flirt with me quite aggressively because they feel “safe” around me, that I’m not trying to take advantage.

Okay, Freud, are we forgetting that in the dream I won the Methoxy???