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Methoxy (Hydroxy)

After graduating from a sports science degree and moving into chiropractic I find I am having to think of a third year proposal for my dissertation. At the moment I am looking at a novel approach for the use of Methoxy (hydroxy) in the treatment of osteoporsis. After doing the traditional searches, I have some papers and the information published in T-mag. I have unsuccesfully tried contacting Stephen J. McGregor, at the Exercise Physiology Laboratories at the University of Toledo because in his response to the osteoporosis article he alluded to (current) research which I may not be familiar with.

Am also looking at the possibility of a chondroitin study and squat vs. leg extention rehab. (inspired by T-Mag) Any useful comments, suggestions leads or e-mail addresses will be gratefully accepted.

To round off - been using Surge & T2 for just over a week, my recover has been amazing and others in the gym are noticing the fat loss. However its very expensive over here in the UK at £50 pounds each (Works out at $70 each) but the results are speaking for themselves. Thanks in advance.

Tom Joyce.

The most important considerations for your dissertation are that it be feasible and essentially certain that the research will enable writing a dissertation that will be accepted.

Here, I cannot imagine how literature study could produce anything acceptable. Actual clinical study would almost certainly not be feasible.

Furthermore, it is quite possible that 5-methyl-7-hydroxyisoflavone may be useless for osteoporosis treatment. The 5-methyl group abolishes estrogenic activity, and so might abolish the anti-osteoporotic activity as well. On the other hand, it might not, since even some antiestrogens (at the estrogen receptor) are antiosteoporotics via non-estrogen-receptor-mediated estrogenic mechanisms.

So it is an interesting topic for sure: just not a practical one in the situtation of a chiropractic student, in my opinion. (It could be practical for a university professor who happened to be able to get a grant for this particular work, but it would be a more major project than your school probably has in mind for you.)

In my opinion anyway.

You can get a hold of me at stephen.mcgregor@emich.edu. I still do some work at the University of Toledo, but I am an Assistant Professor at Eastern Michigan University now. I would be glad to help you out with your ideas if I can.