Methoxy for women

I just read the article “How to build a T-Vixen” and it suggested a fat loss cycle of Methoxy7, T2Pro, and MD6. My wife wants to do a fat loss cycle but unfortunately she can’t use the MD6 because she has “SVT” supra ventricular tachacardyia and the ephedra & caffeine aggravate this condition. She has not tried the T2Pro, not sure if this would be a problem or not. Is it safe for her to use the new Methoxy7 w/7Hyd EC? I thought this was only for men. She works out with me 5 days a week/also cardio 3 times/wk and she is currently on a 50/30/20 C,P,F nutrition program. Summer is here and she wants to get cut. Thanks in advance for your help.

methoxy is fine for women; i’ve even heard it said around here that it works better for women than for men. if you go to the supplement roundup in this week’s issue you can read more about it.

perhaps she should try dropping her carb levels some? that works for me, but YMMV.

best of luck!