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Methoxy For Fat Fast

Hey Everyone, I am lookin for some genuine testimonials from those who have done a fat fast with methoxy-7. I guess my main concern is wasting money on the methoxy because I am unsure if it will work…For those who have done the fat fast with methoxy-7 alone (no androsol) did you retain most of your muscle and were you pleased with your results??

Any reason why you wouldn’t employ an anabolic of some sort?

Some time last spring I worked with a female client who wanted to try the Fat Fast. I modified a lot for her, one of the main changes being the use of Methoxy-7 instead of Androsol. Her other supplements included MD6, flax oil, and a fiber product.

She consumed whole foods primarily, but also used a protein supplement.

If I am not mistaken, thought I do not have her records here with me, her weight training three times weekly; for cardio she did moderate intensity for 30 minutes 2x/week, and HIIT 2x/per week.

The diet was hard for her, and, overall, a fairly disappointing experience. She lost about 12-14 pounds in three weeks, with at least some of it being water and glycogen. However, she did not lose any LBM. She was eating about 600 below maintenance.

So, the take home message, I suppose, is that Methoxy (which she used at one dose per day) did it's job and preserved lean tissue. She also liked the bubble gum flavor. However, as I said, the results of the diet itself were not spectacular, as I feel that she probably could have achieved those results with any other low carb diet.

Hope this helps.

Thank You John, appreciate the info…Ike by anabolic I’m assuming you mean AS, or a pro-steroid formula (or maybe even Prohormone for that matter)…i dont want to take them because im looking to get into the military rather soon, and im not completely sure what they would allow, so i will not take any chances at the moment

Dont you think that 12-14lbs in 3 weeks is great progress? I know I would be very happy with it. Do you really think that a woman could have those same results on just three weeks of any low carb diet? Seems pretty impressive to me, especially with no LBM loss.

Well, when you think about it, at least 5 of those pounds would have to have been a combination of water and glycogen. Possibly more. So, basically her results were that at the absolute most she lost 9lbs of fat.

That is an average of roughly 3lb/week, which I agree is a good rate of fat loss, but I attribute that more to proper supplementation and overall energy balance. I have worked with other womend who were using much more moderate diets who have achieved similar results.

Overall, it just didn't seem worth the discomfort, but everyone is different.

Hope this helps.