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Methoxy Feedback

I was wondering if you could offer any feedback on the Biotest Methoxy product.

Personally, Ive used it during my “off” cycles from Androsol and found that it has helped in maintaining the lbm gains I achieved from the Androsol. I havent gained much additional weight on mehoxy (maybe 1lb each cycle) but I think it is a huge accomplishment since I would have expected a bit of a loss of muscle gained from Androsol (I gained about 5lbs from each 2-3 week cycle of Androsol).

So what about you guys? Im wondering what results you have seen with it. And in what context (alone, with androsol, etc). Thanks guys!

I like Methoxy-7 during diet phases. I believe it helps me retain LBM while losing fat.

i took the standard dosage for about a month and then double recommended dosage for another month right after that and did not really notice any dramatic strength changes since before i started using it. i did gain about 5 pounds though, but i am not sure how much of it was from the methoxy. before i started taking the methoxy i had never even touched an mrp. i had been taking some gnc whey protein a couple of times a day and i probably got about .75-1.0g of protein per lb body weight. when i started taking methoxy i went ahead and ordered lots of grow mrps and went on the mrp diet where i consumed almost 1.5 g protein per lb body weight. so overall, it would be hard to determine whether those gains were related to the methoxy. beleive it or not i did love the taste though. after taking it for 2 months i found it very hard to stop. the first month i got off of it i had very strong cravings for it and just thinking about it now is starting to make me druel. mmmmmmmm… methoxy…ahhhhhhhhhh. if it was a little cheaper i would consider buying some more, but overall from my experience i don’t think it was very cost efficient. then again, that is just me.

i went through one bottle of methoxy and didnt notice a difference…perhaps i should do a longer cycle?? would this help??

John, I gained a huge amount on my first Methoxy cycle - about 8 pounds in 6 weeks. I also used Ribose-C and Tribex during this time. My appetite went up, and all the muscles around my shoulder girdle grew to the point that people were making comments. (My strength did not go up.) In contrast, I’ve tried Androsol twice, and found that it did almost nothing for me, aside from making me look a little harder when combined with Tribex (and my diet was better on the Androsol cycles). I’ve been training for over 20 years and am an ectomorphic hard-gainer. In my opinion, Tribex and Methoxy are Biotest’s two best products, by far. However, I have to say that on subsequent cycles of Methoxy, I haven’t noticed much response, despite upping the dosage.

If I can turn the tables and ask YOU a question, what did you do with Androsol to make such good gains after so many years of training? I plan to try it stacked with Methoxy after a suitable lay-off.

I attempted Methodoxy at 2tblsp a day with 200g/a day and noticed no gains in strength and noticed weight increase, and I tried 2 tblsp a day on a low carb diet(<50g/day) and experienced minimal muscle and strength loss, as opposed to extreme muscle and strenghth losses on that diet. Androsol on the other hand I was able to gain 6 pounds in 2 weeks on 50sprs 2/day, and 200g of protein a day.(by the way I am 5’10, 185lbs)

Man, the first time I used Methoxy( back when it first came out, Jan-00) I gained 8 pounds in 3 weeks. I was using 2 teaspoons twice per day. This was back when it was in glass bottles. Now that Ive tried it again for a 6 week cycle I noticed almost nothing (2-3 pound gain) and that was mainly from working out. What the hell did u guys put in that original batch? I’m just kidding, but man that first batch was awesome.

Chris and everyone else, I appreciate the feedback. As far as what I did to get such good gains with androsol, I can’t really say. It was shocking to me as I havent gained much of weight in a long time. And my diet is tight, I eat ALOT of protein, my fatty acid ratio is good and my total calories are high. And my training is tight too. I thought I had reached my “natural limits” (i.e. my limits without taking AAS or T) as gaining is tough at this point and it is very easy, however for me to lose weight. So I know I’m pushing the edge of my potential. So when trying Androsol I wasnt expecting much at all. (Especially after trying other prohormones). But yesterday, I looked at my progress records from August 1st till now and with just 2 cycles of androsol plus ribose c, and a few cycles of tribex and methoxy between, Im up 15 lbs. I have a body pod in my lab and my body fat % is the same (8% by bod pod, 5% by skinfolds)! So that is 15lbs of LBM that I gained! Im freakin ecstatic. Some supplements may put on a few pounds but you may lose that when going off. Not this time for me. That’s one of the reasons Ive been working with t-mag so much lately. They got me really excited with the style of the mag as well as the supplements. Just like any drugs, there is huge interindividual variability with supplements. So for me, this stuff works very well. If it doesnt work for all, that really sucks. But it is worth a try either way, dont you think?

I don’t know about guys using it but I put all
my female clients on Methoxy-7 and ALL of
them make great gains in 4-6 weeks. Many
gain 5-6 pounds of LBM…not bad for a
woman and remember, most of them weigh under
140 pounds to begin with!!!


You guys have to understand that generally speaking, the first exposure to ANY anabolic stimulus (even weight training itself) will elicit the best response. Jon for example, mentioned that he gained 8 pounds in 3 weeks, which is very good result. Chris seems to have had similiar success. But obviously a person could not gain that amount every cycle otherwise he would be the biggest bodybuilder on the planet within a year. It is the law of diminishing returns. Each cycle of anything WILL yield progressively less results each time, sometimes despite ever increasing dosages. I believe that this is the culprit rather than the earlier batches being more potent in some way.

BTW, I just started M-7 a week ago, and I’m almost literally addicted to the taste too! One day, I actually had a Methoxy binge?! I took 8 tablespoons! The weird thing is, and this is not scientifically documented, but I had a rush of energy and greatly increased libido. Weird, especially in light of the fact that it is purported to have no impact on the endocrine system. Perhaps it actually is an anti-aromatase, and as a result I had more free-T available. Or maybe it significantly suppressed my chronically high cortisol levels (due to stressful work). Quite expensive at that dosage though.

Mr. Berardi, I hope it does'nt seem like I'm nitpicking, but if your absolute bodyweight has increased but bodyfat% is unchanged, then perhaps some of the weight is not LBM. Maybe I am missing something though. Don't get me wrong, you have very low bodyfat. I would love to experience such substantial LBM gains, whether it be 12 or 15 pounds.

As a side note, I think it is amazing how variable the effects of supplements are in different individuals. I mean some gain with Tribex but not Androsol, vice versa, some gain LBM with M-7 while others lose bodyfat (even when not dieting), and a few lucky guys even seem to both gain LBM and lose bodyfat!

A couple of responses:

To Prodigal Son: I think most of us on this board do understand the law of diminishing returns. I just thought it was weird to have such an amazing response once, and then nothing the second and third times. (I guess it’s the law of suddenly vanishing returns that’s got me puzzled.)

And to John: I agree completely- experimentation is what it’s all about. You try, you keep, you discard, you try again in different combinations. I just think that it’s strange that almost everyone else seems to have had a universally great response to Androsol, but it didn’t do anything for me. Oh well, back to the drawing board. :slight_smile:

Mr Son…Yep, you are right. Technically I did misspeak. If I gained 15lbs and stayed the same bodyfat%, then I did gain both lbm and fat mass. I appreciate the fact that you pointed out my error. I enjoy that ;-)Technically I gained 15 lbs total. If you do the math you find that I had 9lbs of fat and now have 9.75 lbs of fat (by skinfolds). Practically speaking, I dont mind gaining .75lbs of fat for every 14.25 lbs of lbm. By bod pod I had 14.4 lbs of fat and ended up with 15.5 lbs of fat. That’s a gain of 1.1 lbs of fat and 13.9 lbs of lbm. That too is a fair trade in my book.

On my last Androsol cycle I used METH-7 and preserved my muscle gains!! BUT, on the cycle before I did not use METH-7 and lost most of my gains-I was on vacation then so…I didn’t do everything the way I should have(diet-protien).After 2weeks off I decided to go on METH-7(after my muscle loss) and could see the fullness of my muscles coming back in 4 days. I gained most (not all)of my muscle back. I used 3 TABLESPOONS per day