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Methoxy Effectiveness

How effective has methoxy-7 been for any of you while on a cutting cycle at double dose?

i have 12 bottles and want to know if i should use for cutting or bulking, i have heard both opinions from people.


It does tend to lean you out. However, there seems also to be a cut off point for fat loss results. It’s not an ECA that can even be cummulative. With Methoxy, it seems to top out at about the 6 week mark. But I’ll throw up a detailed post soon, when my challenge is over.

Just wanted to add too that I believe the fat loss comes primarily through lowered cortisol levels, which I would argue, is Methoxy’s strength.

I’ll also be posting about the Methoxy Challenge - but am currently in same position as pooh.
As for Methoxy. Wouldn’t use it for bulking, but for leaning out. It is effective for that.
Keep in mind, that I haven’t lowered calories while I’ve been taking Methoxy. But it has given me some extra hardness. Also, of note: I’ve become stronger and have gained some definite LBM.

I really love seeing all the different opinions when someone asks a question like this.

Well, Swoll, I’m going to take a slightly different position than Poohbaya and Patricia on this one. I’m in a cutting cycle as well, and I’ve used Methoxy since October. All three of us are using it at double dosage through the Methoxy Challenge. My feelings are that for cutting it’s a great hardening agent. I see and feel the difference.

However, I’m really looking forward to using it in a bulking cycle. Methoxy was originally designed as a partitioning agent (for cattle and pigs, of all things), meaning that more LBM is laid down relative to fat mass on a hypercaloric diet (meaning above maintenance).

Cutting or bulking, I think Methoxy is the ULTIMATE supplement for use with a program like Joel Marion’s Ripped, Rugged & Dense, which is a 5x5 strength program. If you read the article, you’ll see why I say that.

Maintenance of gains after a cycle.

I agree with Joel, that it is good for maintaining gains. But I have also leaned out and had an increase in weight. I have gone from 165 post powerstack, to 168, and am now more vascular.

I have been on a cutting cycle while using the 2x dosage for Methoxy 7. There is evidence (albeit minor) that I have leaned out a bit and the vascularity is coming around. The biggest factor for me has been the hardening of the muscles. My girl has repeatedly commented on this in recent weeks (that’s a good thing!).
We’ll see if there are any other changes in the last 4 weeks as I will be happy to report them.