Methoxy during diet

I’m going on the T-dawg diet to shed some body fat in 2 weeks and was considering using Methoxy to preserve my LBM.I know that the recommended dosage is 2tsp. twice a day, but will taking only one serving a day help preserve LBM? Funds are low at the moment, so if it is not worth it I’ll use Androsol instead since Methoxy is pretty expensive. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Anybody? Please, any help would be appreciated.

I’m a big believer in Methoxy and have had good results with it but I think it is one supp where the dose is critical for it to work. Before Biotest mexthoxy came along, a lot of people who tried the original methoxy type products weren’t satisfied, because for an effect, you needed a large dose and most weren’t taking enough and wouldn’t get any effect but with a large enough dose, it worked well. The new Biotest Methoxy formula is by far the best on the market but you need a full dose for it to work. With 1/2 a dose, I feel you’d waste your money. IMO, you’d be much better off taking a full dose for a shorter time than trying to stretch out a 1/2 dose. I would just use it during the end of your diet if you cann’t afford it the whole time, as the risk of losing LBM increases as the diet progresses and you get progessively leaner. However, between Methoxy and Androsol, Androsol wins hands down. I would always use Androsol at 70 sprays morning only for up to 6 weeks and then do a 2 week cycle of Methoxy after Androsol, but Androsol is the stronger supp of the 2. In fact, recently I stocked up on 3 bottles of Androsol from dpsnutrition to use later this summer. They have a special on 3 bottles - $81.

Thanks for your input Heb. I will definitely try using it my last two weeks and just stick to my original plan of androsol the first couple of weeks. I’ll go full dose on methoxy my last 2-3 weeks.