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Methoxy double dosing

I was going to post somthing about Methoxy 7 today, and now you have saved me the trouble. What I have done is take the 10ml dose, 4 times a day, so in total 40ml a day. I apply dosing it this way as I do with all nutrition products - and that is to spread the concentration so that the body can utilise it better. I have only been doing this for 2 days, and to tell you the truth, I can feel the effects. First off, you can feel a higher nitrogen retention in your arms, even the day after your workout (usually, that body part feels flat, and sore for a little while). The anabolic effects should take place more dramatically in about 2-3 wks from now. The downside is that every morning, I feel like i’m getting my colon cleansed, while my stomach hurts for a little while. Has anybody else experienced this?