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Methoxy, Dosing

What would be more effective:

48 days at single dose

24 days at double dose

Fat lose Is the goal.

I would just go with the single dose in this case. It will indeed allow you to hang on to your muscle tissue.

On the other hand, if you actually wanted to bump up your LBM, try the dd. You may need a couple more weeks of it though.

Good luck.

Thanks Pooh. I had my mind pretty set on single does, escecialy because of cost reasons. I just wanted to see some thoughts.

I have been double dosing while cutting and am very happy with the results.

Jason, how long have you been on? How much longer are you going to be on?

What kind of results are you seeing?

I had excellent cutting results both with a single dose and the double dose, so if cost is your objective, I think the single dose is the way to go.

I have been double dosing for 9 weeks. I have been getting ready for a show and it looks like I will being going in about 6 pounds heavier and much leaner than my first show last fall. I didn’t use Methoxy at all last time, and it has really been my only change supplement wise this time. I have been a little cleaner on diet this time, but overall I do believe it has had an impact.